Sep 7, 2018

Long overdue update

Ahhhh ... I know I know ... it's been way too long. I should update the blog with some of my newer art pieces. I realized with all these newer social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook  etc... many people aren't too keen on reading long winded writings anymore, instead we are now more akin to "feast the eyes" on images after images. I think I too have turned to the dark side preferring instant gratification at most times. Nonetheless I do still love reading when I am presented with a bit more me-time and when the mood is right. How about you? Do you find yourself scrolling through images more now? Or do you still prefer to dwell and daydream in the written word?

Anyhow, here are some of my work that hasn't been posted here yet.


Dark Matter

Echoes from the Past


Legend - Palmsize Journal

the Weaver

the Seeker

Lady in the Mirror

Emma & Killian

Embrace Life

the Watcher

Rust and Heart

New Beginnings - Gaia

New Beginnings - Universe

Also, I am delighted and humbled that my work has been featured in the Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine Autumn 2018 Issue. They are out in the newstands in the US as I speak! Thank you so much Stampington & Co. for this opportunity! I haven't received my copy yet, but a lovely art sister Marlene Kazor Quigley, was able to snap some photos of my article for me :)

Have a great weekend all! I know I will :)


  1. Hi LT - I know what you say about the word poor platforms. I must say I still like to see more of what other artists are doing, hear what they are saying and enjoy the processes and accumulation of work. So I love this post with so many gorgeous LT signature pieces. Love seeing that you just continue to come up with gems. So go well, create well and continue to blog even it is time consuming. B

  2. Goodness me - its great to see your work again - I've also tried to restart my dumb little blog. It seems we are so time poor nowadays.
    Nevertheless, its great to see your stuff - You deserve the recognition you're getting for your amazing work.

    1. thank you so much Tariray!! Yes time poor is the perfect word ... sigh ...


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