Apr 11, 2017

Summer Online Workshop

Hi hi!!
It's the time of the year again for my Summer online workshop at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats. This year I will again be teaching a mixed media project, only this time, it is inspired by the Elves of Eryneth ...

A long long time ago ... in a land beyond our imagination ...

The Lady of Eryneth cast one final spell. Slowly but surely, the enchanted Elven Kingdom of Eryneth shimmers into oblivion. The forest returns to its original form as if nothing has changed in nearly a thousand years. The soaring glittering Elven trees have all but gone, the towering archways carved out of the ancient forests' canopies are no more, and the Great Hall of Eryneth is now just a bare meadow in the shadows of the forest.

The Lady of Eryneth cast her eyes down to her hands, which bore a box, not too large. This box was created from the strongest white stone she could find on this land. The Lady lovingly touched the ElvenTree carved on the cover of the box. It reminded her lovingly of the ancient trees in her Kingdom, the Kingdom that is now no more. She slowly opened the ElvenTree window and peered inside. The Lady sighed. She then walked towards a large stone boulder which used to mark the gateway to the Kingdom of Eryneth. The Lady closed her eyes and chanted something under her breath. With one simple spell she hides the box within the large boulder, unseen by common eyes, but will reveal itself when the time comes. One day, perhaps a thousand years from now, someone shall find the box and its secrets within. For now, the box sleeps, and waits … for the Chosen One.” 

Registration is now open at www.artfulgathering.com
Join me this year between June 6 - July 17,  for 6 weeks of creative fun in the realm of mixed media, and maybe at the end of my class, you'd be the lucky winner of this pair of old-world bohemian earrings too!

A bloghop is now happening at the Artful Gathering with $500 worth of prizes to be given away! Sign up now and enjoy all the wonderful doorgifts waiting for you :)


  1. This workshop will be amazing, Winnie! Your magic vision coupled with incredible hands-on learning? Yay! Sending you love xox


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