Mar 31, 2017

Stepping out of the box

For those of you who have been following my work will notice that I am pretty neutral when it comes to colors. I confess I'm not great with strong vivid colors. However, when a kind art sister Heather Tracy of Thicketworks helped buy some molds for me, I decided that since I'm trying out a new tool (yup, never used molds on my work before, but these Iron Orchid ones were just irresistible), I might as well step outside my neutral box a little to spice things up. And I didn't regret one bit of it!

Introducing my IMAGINARIUM series. 'Series' being the lack of a better word to use, mine is hardly a real series since I only have 2 pieces at the moment :)

My first try is on a box.

Imaginarium of the Weird & Wonderful : A Mixed Media Box

Just LOVED the 3D effect and the colors! OMG ... I never imagined I could pull something like this off.

And of course, what kind of a steampunk-time-traveling-rock&roll-alternate-universe box would it be without a tattered old journal ready to house all your deepest darkest secrets!

And then I got very excited and immediately started on another piece.

 Imaginarium of the Weird & Wonderful : A Journal

I love how much these IOD molds added to my work! They are such great tools to include in your arsenal of must-have arty stuff!

Somewhat reminds me of a carousel, only this one has no horses.

I am certainly looking forward to more colors in my future work. Now they don't feel so scary anymore. This stepping out of the box was certainly a good move. Being on a roll, I decided to return to my past in my next piece. Some shabby chic called out to me and yes, it has been years since I pulled off a shabby chic. So I guess this is also stepping out of the box in a different sense.

I called this journal 'French Romance'. The chalky destress feel, the old letter print, the mail stamp and pink romantic roses, a far cry from my Imaginarium series. And to think I made all of these within the same span of time. My brains must have been departmentalize big time!

Honestly it's been a long time since I painted roses. I use to do folk art and painting roses using the one stroke technique was my favourite thing to do. Thinking back at how many things I had painted roses on ... I'm feeling just a little queasy LOL!

Finally, I completed a commission too. Woah ... haven't I been productive! Doesn't always happen tho, maybe once a year I'm this productive!

The commission is another journal, and the brief was Old Norse Mythology.
And so,  Mjolnir, Book of Thor  was born.

That is the symbol of Thor's hammer with a touch of Celtic Knots design in it and flanking the Mjolnir are Odin's Battle Ravens.

And that, concludes my productive stint for the year HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I will leave you with this group selfie of the Imaginariums - A box, a book and a necklace.

Mar 3, 2017

A brand new year

Can you believe it?? It's already March of 2017, first quarter of the new year is nearly over. Time really flies. I read a quote on facebook the other day ... Is it scarier that it's been 7 years since 2010 or is it scarier that in 3 years it would be 2020?? UGH ((O_O)) 2020 ... I remember this was the year I thought of when I was a kid in primary school. I remember thinking ... wow 2020 is so far into the future I cannot even imagine it, and I counted, in 2020 I will be 51 ... oh my ... that's older than mommy, more like gran. It seems like only yesterday I had this thought in my little head.

But today, as I was walking back from lunch, a stranger called me from inside a shop, "hey girl!" and then proceeded to ask me a question. After that, I had a grin taped on my face until I reached home LOL! Dang ... how long has it been since someone called me "girl" (besides my mom of course! she always calls me "girl") Now that ... made my day :)

Ok enough of silly musings ... I know haven't been the best of blogger, so Here I am once more to share some photos of my work with you. I missed out posting quite a bit in the years past, so let me see if I can retrieve some of my favourites.

First of all, I am so pleased with my new set of postcards-cum-business cards. The printer did a great job this time :)

It came from this shot I took when I had quite a few of my pieces in hand, usually I don't have so many pieces. So I took the opportunity to set them up nicely and take a good product image. Nice huh?

I still really love my steampunk travel theme books. Here is the trio.

Sometime last year I decided one day that I would try my hands on altered bottles :) These 2 were the result! These were ex-gripe water bottles from my second born's time as a baby. I must have kept the bottles for 5 or 6 years.

Somewhere along the line, I managed to slip in a wrap bracelet too, which I named "Very Frustrating Bracelet" hahaha! which is the fact, cos it took me ages to wrap it round my wrist while I was trying it on :)

And then, I also made an Elven inspired Box of Curiosities :)

The box (only the box) has now been made into a workshop called "the ElvenTree" which will be coming up in Summer over at Artful Gathering 2017!

Registration is open as we speak! So if anyone is interested in this online workshop do pop over to the link. There is also a blog hop going on with $500 worth of prizes sponsored by Jerry's Artarama. To enter the hop you can go to this link :

By the way ... yours truly is holding the key to the secret word this week ;) Go search for it!! (it's not far away ;)

Also ... my DVD from last year's workshop is finally out!! Whoopeeee!!! For those of you who have been writing to me asking me when "The Looking Glass" workshop from 2016 will be out, here it is :)

Moving on, I use to love to play dress up when I was a kid. Always makes me feel like someone else. But as we grow older, grown up things take over our lives or perhaps grown up 'thoughts' take over our lives, and we either don't have the time or feel too embarrassed to play. So we don't play anymore, which is a pity. One day I decided heck ... I'm not getting any younger and I'd like to create some harmless memories for myself, plus I can use them to sell my stuff! HAH!! why not? So when the kids were at school, I quickly dashed on some makeup and stood in front of my bedroom window where the backlight would make any flaw melt away :) and snapped some photos.
And it made my day :)

I tried my hands on some different things last year, bottles, bracelets, boxes, rings ... which I don't normally make. It's like breaking away or just stepping out of my comfort zone a little. Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great year so far. Don't forget to check out Artful Gathering ... lots of new instructors, lots of new artforms for you to step out of your box :)

Aha!! You found it!