Dec 12, 2016

A Year of Learning

This year has been a year of learning. I taught myself how to draw as you already know in my last post, and I also taught myself how to play the guitar! I went back for ballet classes and took up yoga. Goodness! I'm nearly 48 and I still feel like a kid when I get to try out new creative endeavours, all excited and wide eyed. This year has also been a year of mischevious rule breaking. I've always wanted copper hair and I got it done! Muahahahaha!! All in all it has been an eventful year and I've been stepping out of my box a wee bit more.

I shall not bore you with lots of rambling, but instead show you some of my work in the past months. But before anything else ... here is me and my copper hair :)

This is a picture of me modeling one of my more recent pieces called Oculus : Naga, because we haven't got the resources to hire real models all the time LOL!

And talking about Oculus, lately I've been a little intrigued by the symbol of the Eye. As such I have made 3 pieces of mixed media art jewelry inspired by the Eye.

The first one I made was for myself, and I simply named it "Oculus"


And then I went on to create 2 more,
Oculus : Ajna , where "Ajna" is the Sanskrit word for the Third Eye Chakra.

Oculus : Ajna

and Oculus : Naga , where "Naga" means Dragon.

Oculus : Naga

Besides the symbol of the Eye, these pieces are also inspired by the fantasy realms that I love so much ie. steampunk, alternate reality and time travel. In this last piece, Naga, the aura of energy and majesty which resembles the gaze of a dragon was the very thing that gave it its name. The sun window in the center of the eye allows light to shine through, not only adding otherworldliness to this piece, but also transforms the focal from being an eye to something that resembles the inner workings of an old clock tower. Here is a close up look of the inner realms of this piece in its Work-In-Progress stage.

One of my favourite images, and some of my favourite pieces :)

This is another group of art jewelry I made prior to the Oculuses (if there is a plural to the word!). Some of them are still in my shop Altered Alchemy @ Etsy  amongst other pieces :)

Just before I pen off, here are 4 of the latest drawings I made. I am quite a movie buff and definitely a fangirl at heart. I'll probably still be fangirling when I'm 80!

Tom Hardy as Mad Max

Ian McKellen as Gandalf
And then there is this odd one out. Not from the movies, but from the English Premier League ;) Can you guess which football club I support now?

Jurgen Klopp

THIS!! This is my latest piece, hot from the oven not 48 hours. This man has just become my  favourite actor-thespian. He must be one the most talented actors of his generation! From playing a real life physicist with ALS to a Danish transgender woman who is also an artist to a magizoologist wizard ... what can't he play? And what can I say, I LOVE FANTASTIC BEASTS!! It's been a long wait to go back into the Harry Potter Universe but it was worth it all. Sigh ...

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Welcome back! I love your hair! And your drawings are fantastic ~ I especially like Sir Ian. And as always, your jewelry is amazing.
    Nice to see you back!

  2. Ah, Luthien, you are truly a Rennaissance woman!!! So talented in everything you do. And I love your hair (I used to wear that colour... ) xo

    1. Thank you Renate :) I love my copper hair! Still having it but the color's a bit gone, looks more like straw hahahaha!! Will need to retouch soon :)

  3. Hi LT - I agree with S - a true Renaissance woman - no end to your skills - and wild red hair to boot - got to love that. Go well. B

    1. Awww thank you B! So far from being that, but I love learning new things. I am a life member student LOL!!

  4. Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!!!! Espero que se sigan cumpliendo sus deseos, pues en ellos van también los nuestros: ver una persona tan prolífica en el arte me da alas a mi también. Espero disfrutar de sus joyas y dibujos en 2017. Un abrazo desde España.

    1. Thank you so much Marisela :) Have a wonderful 2017 yourself <3


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