Mar 5, 2016

Lots have been done ...

since my last post. I am glad I haven't been procrastinating when it comes to my craft. The last few months were mostly dedicated to filming and editing my new workshop for the coming Artful Gathering 2016. Session 1&2 line-up are up and I am happy to see my workshop in Session 1 YAY!! This year I think I have outdone myself with regards to the length of the workshop. Last I counted, I have 11 hours of footages! Dang ... it didn't even feel like 11 hours when I filmed it. I am having so much fun with this project. For those of you who are curious to know what I'll be teaching ... we have been given the green light to divulge hahaha!!

This ... ladies and gentlemen, is The Looking Glass, a true mixed media journal making project which includes both these designs and a total of 11 hours of workshop! I have been asked frequently to create a workshop on my larger books. So here it is :) I hope I will see you all this summer at the Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats 2016!

Besides prepping for AG2016, in between rest I have been able to create several other books and jewelry pieces. So prepare yourself for a deluge of photos ... *drumrolls* please!!

First, the books!

The Seafarer's Sword & Book of Earendil

Memoir & Homecoming

A Witch's Handbook

Flower in the Attic & Between Two Worlds

The Lover's Handbook

And then, I also made this ...
This is Treasured {A Box & A Book}
The Box
The Book
The Pages
 These were experiments. I stained the papers with coffee then stamped designs on them with thicker coffee and even added liquid chlorophyll for the green. All from the kitchen, except the paper of course! Really liked the results.

So much for the books. Now lemme show you the obscene amount of earrings I made. By "obscene" I meant more than 3 pieces LOL!! I think I am getting better at working faster and more. I have never been able to make more than 3 pairs at one go.

I did even manage to learn a new skill. I've always wanted to try stamping on solder but never could find the apparatus and tools here to do that. I finally got tired of looking, I simply imported them in ... just like most of the other components I use in my work. The shipping as always, was as expensive as the items themselves. SIGH!! But now ... I can play :)

Live & Play

Petals & Steel
Totally worth it, shipping the leadfree solder and flux in!
So ... that's about it. That's what I've been up to since my last post. The new workspace is a dream! I am so loving it ... I think you already know :) Before I go, I will leave you with the latest piece from my bench.

Northern Route II