Mar 12, 2015

A long long time ...

I have been bad ... I have not been blogging as I should. Facebook and other social medias have turned me to the dark side. LOL! Fact is, it's not as easy to find the time to sit and write nowadays. But I hope you all have been well!! :) I have not made much these past few months because I have been preparing for the Artful Gathering 2015 project which I shall be announcing soon.

Anyways ... my latest project a bunch of Steampunk pendants inspired by Totems (I kept thinking of Channing Tatum when I think of Totems ... sigh ... my mind works in peculiar ways). These are about the only pieces I made these past few weeks. Big girl work has taken so much of my time and energy, that I just felt like playing. So I emptied some of my stash on my work bench and started to play. These Steampunk Totems are quite different from what I'd usually make ... but I think they're pretty neat. So many things I managed to play on these; soldering is one. I'm quite new at it, but really enjoying it! I got to play with resin too, and paint :)

From left to right, they are the Oracle, the Angel, the Shaman, the Goddess.
Don't ask me how I came up with the names, they just came into my head when I finished them. Weird. But sometimes you see something and they already have a name. You don't get to name them, they name themselves.

I have made the necklace chains pretty simple because I didn't want it to compete with the details in the spirit boxes. There! They did it again! I just wrote "spirit boxes" instead of shadow boxes or bezels ... Hmmmm ...

Then one of my friends asked me, who models my pieces for me. No one knows cos I always cut off the face of the 'model' (as in the center image). Well now the world knows LOL!! I model them, most of the time with no make up and messy hair, because I know my face won't be seen, and I photograph me and my pieces in the toilet. That's where I have the best natural light and the simplest white background aka toilet tiles :) And then some photoshopping to take away the tile lines and smoothen out the wrinkles ((O_O)) Voila!

There is a real practical reason for me modeling my stuff tho, firstly I don't have the money to hire a real model, and then I don't make my pieces in quantity. I'll probably have one piece made this week and another piece made in 2 weeks or 2 months!! So ... it's gotta me I guess.

Next up ... a cuff I made after I watched the last installment of the Hobbit. Can I just add that I am absolutely in love with Lee Pace after I watched him play Thranduil? Absolutely smitten like a kitten! Ahhh ...
Here is the Cuff of Kings.

What I love about this is how the Patina came out. Isn't it gorgeous? I could just wear Patina!
And if you're wondering what that etched metal is ... it's an old escutcheon cover :)

My all time favourite quote from LOTRs.
I consider myself as a Wanderer. At least, my mind wanders all the time! My wanderings almost always produce some fruit. So I would like to think that I'm not always lost when I wander ...

Another Patina shot, and a showcase of the humongous riveted buckle I made from brass.

Lemme see, what haven't I showed you yet ... hmmm ...
OH!! My Paths Series ... I am particularly proud of these, because the thought process to make these took a long time, and in that time, I thought of many things in life. So these are particularly dear ...

Little book necklaces inspired by life's Journey(s), Memories and Continuity.
Love this photograph of them too. I love how they are sitting in a web of chains and beads, symbolizing how life is. Yet, they are sitting there with their heads up and wearing their mission in the form of the little tags, proudly.

I leave you with this my friends ... I shall return soon, bearing more news and more pictures!


  1. I just mad a blogpost about the same thing. We do Facebook to much and forget about our blogs! It's a pitty! I'm glad you made a blogpost ;)
    Have a great day ;)

  2. Lovely, lovely makes! I always love to watch how great fantasy stories (and movies) like the Lord of the Rings inspires you to create something "old" and "magical" looking that might well have been waiting for their discovery for thousand years or more! I am sure this year's artful gathering class will be as awesome as the last one (sadly I still haven't got round to finish my book yet....yes, the time to sit down and write isn't the only

    Thanks for sharing your latest creations! As always they are a huge source for inspiration and make me stand in awe!

    Greetings from Vienna,
    Claudia x

  3. Your jewelry is as beautiful as always! I was just thinking about you last night and I visited your blog for my dose of way cool jewelry designs. I follow one blog that just sends a picture to her blog via her phone. No writing or very little at all. I still enjoy seeing her work because that's what everyone likes best anyway. Maybe this would work for you? Take care, Gigi

  4. Absolutely stunning!!! I love your work and your inspiration! You make my own fingers itch to be dabbling with projects.

  5. I simply adore your work Luthien. So good to see you make a post. Been missing you. Hugs! deb

  6. wow I am blown away this creation really rock! Stunning fabfanstastic! as just said before simply adore your work!
    Endless inspiration!
    xoxo SanDee1899

  7. Gorgeous stuff Luthien, as always! I especially love The Paths series though it is almost impossible to choose. I know how busy you are, enjoy seeing you on FaceBook, but I do love your blog. And as your model is very beautiful I don't think you need to be too shy about that! I'm looking forward to your Artful Gathering class again this year. See you there! xxx

  8. Awesome pieces, hope you will get back to blogging a little bit more.

  9. Oh isn't that funny ~ I never thought of Photoshopping the wrinkles out, hah! Will def be doing that in the future. ;)
    Love and hugs♥

  10. Hi L - gorgeously creative pieces - love how the stories continue to inspire you - and love the copper 'frames' you are making for the pendants - very strong but organic - and the cuff - magic. B

  11. Fabulous pieces and so happy you have taken the time to post to share!! Awesomeness! xx

  12. I'm so glad that you are back. Please keep it up as I enjoy your inspiration to me.


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