Apr 16, 2014

Hunter or Hunted?

OMG!!! I realized it's been 2 months since I wrote my last post! Where did the time go? But to be fair, I have been up to my neck with work ... and kids ... and dance classes ... and Channing Tatum ;)

Seriously though, I have been really busy recording and editing my Artful Gathering workshop!! So much FUN, but very nerve wrecking as well, being a firstimer at this. Had a couple of meltdowns but definitely keeping it together. What a lot of things I have learned in just these 2 months! I feel like I have learned stuff worth a year! I even learned film editing from scratch ... how's that for achievement ;)

So ... the "Event" is getting nearer. My workshop - "Beyond Time" is already in the Artful Gathering catalogue ... and Zinnia our super-woman-admin-mentor-sisterinart has done such a great job with the catalogue, and everything else! You need to go see the Catalogue to believe it! I will be teaching one workshop this year which will run from Jun 6 thru July 17. Registration will open in full swing from May 1st ...  I really hope to see you @Artful Gathering this summer!

So ... in view of the 2 months leading to the summer workshops, we @Artful Gathering have organized a fun treasure hunt! Each week, a few instructors will open their blogs for the hunt and all you need to do is to search for a little RED square button with a CROWN in it. On the square button, you will find a SECRET WORD. Collect all those words and stand a chance to win a free workshop of your choice this summer! Besides that, there are also loads of other prizes given by the instructors up for grabs. For more information and to have a peek at the prizes on the Hunt, just go to Treasure Hunt Game 2014 @ Artful Gathering

This week is in fact Week 3 of the Hunt, and yours truly is one of the participating blogs. So ... I invite you guys to go into my blog, scroll thru and go find that RED square button with the SECRET WORD! After you've found mine, go visit the rest of the participating blogs and find their buttons too!! You will find the other participating blogs in the Treasure Hunt link above :)

Now, before I go plant my secret word, see that gorgeous little babe in the photo? That's what I'll be teaching this summer :) A "romantic relic" in the form of a miniature mixed media book. For those of you who have been interested to learn how to sew a book ... this is your chance! Besides sewing the book, I'll also be sharing many other stuff, like how to create these ornate and aged covers, how to create a ravaged leather spine, coffee stained pages with accents and much much more. You'll be treated to approximately 6 hours of my craziness ((O_O)) ... and if by the time you finish the workshop, you're still standing ... then you would have in your hand, a one-of-a-kind romantic relic that you'll be super proud off :)