Feb 2, 2014


This weekend has been wonderful beyond words :) We have been celebrating the Lunar New Year since Thursday and it's finally settling down a bit now. Time to rest the bloated tummy too, from all the yummy food that we only really get to relentlessly devour once a year!

Another wonderful thing that has happened over this weekend is that I am finally able to share this video with the world. We were on a secret mission since the beginning of 2014, but now the cat is finally allowed out of the bag! You must be thinking WHAT??? ...  Huge huge conspiracy I can tell ya ... so, are you ready? It is ...
The project that I will be teaching at the Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat this summer!! YAY!!!
LOL ... Gotcha!!!

Jokes aside, I am genuinely excited to be presenting this video about myself and my chosen workshop for the Artful Gathering 2014 Art Retreat :) Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

For more information on this and the other projects for the 2014 summer art retreat, please go to
Hope to see you all there and let's have some fun together!