Dec 7, 2013

D for Dragon, D for Dracula ...

and D for December!
My goodness! Is it the last month of the year already? NOOOOOO!!! I'm going to be a year older AGAIN!!??

Enough Drama, but D is a wonderful alphabet ... if only to represents some of my favourite things like Dragons, Dracula and even December. December means Christmas eve is near, which means we'll be doing our yearly gathering at our friend's place where he'll cook the most sumptuous Christmas eve Dinner for us. But it's not only the Dinner, it's the Conversations and the Company. Looks like C sounds as good as D ;)

Ahhh ... got carried away. I actually wanted to show you my first D for December ...

Dragon! Yes!! My first time sculpting a dragon with clay.

Greatly anticipating The Hobbit 2 next week, I couldn't help myself but to have a version of my very own Smaug. This is Tales of a Dragon.

Smaug wuz smug. Smaug wuz coy. Smaug wuz 'ere.
Unfortunately, someone else wuz 'ere too …

This piece is meant to be playful, with a little macabre undertone. I'd imagine this being hung outside an old Medieval drink house. But yet, who in those days would even understand the acronym “wuz 'ere”? Tsk tsk tsk ...

Now, my second D for December is Dracula!!!
Have you seen the new Dracula miniseries? Isn't Jonathan Rhys Meyers just mesmerizing and super gorgeous! *swoon*

This is D for Dance of Darkness.

Inspired by the latest reimagining of Dracula, this mixed media piece seeks to incorporate all the elements I loved in this mini-series. The meeting of old world opulence with industrial steampunk create a universe of wonderment, where business dealings, lust, power, world domination and secret societies all stewed into a cauldron of vampiric soup. Yet all of that would pale in comparison to 4 centuries of undying love. Imagine loving someone for 400 years only to discover she's now at arm's reach … yet … unattainable, for she has already promised her heart to someone else.
Or has she?

Aye ... my month of December put to good use :) Besides these 2 babies, here are some Dangles I made as well ...


Sail Away


Pieces of Time

This Damsel is indeed pleased :)

Before I go ... I just wanted to share another photo with you. I was going thru some old pictures this afternoon and saw this bunch. They put a smile on my face. These were my first 5 pieces of jewelry. Checked and they were dated August 2009. 4 years on ... how different visually my work looks now, yet deep within it is still exactly the same. I am still inspired by exactly the same things I was 4 years ago.


  1. Don't worry about age I'm hitting the big 50 in less than a week! ~I've decided to make aging everyone else's problem and not mine! Love Jonathan, catch him in Henry 8th he's amazing. Love how your dragon turned out, perfect for the inner priestess.

  2. Oh Whoooouuu! Sooo wonderfull again are these art pieces!!! The Dragon is the best!!

  3. Your work is always so amazing! Happy Birthday Luthien! Sending you love and peace♥

  4. Hi L - and just how busy you have been . Have a joy filled month. Love the earring series. B

  5. Dear Luthien
    I hope you are doing well.
    It´s great to visit your blog again and see all of the inspiering art- work you created.
    This Dragon- necklace is amazing!!!
    I wish you and your Family a very merry Christmas time

  6. Love the Dragon!!! & Dracula....especially the new that the inspiration??...excellent show!! I saving my pennies...I am getting a journal from you....we will talk soon ;)

  7. another dragon lover here. as always your work is amazing

  8. Looking forward to the next installment, I have a soft spot for Dragons.


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