Nov 23, 2013

I know ... I've been lazy *hangs head*

I know it's been a loooooooong while since I blogged. I hope you all haven't ran away yet :) I've been particularly lazy these few months. No other excuses, sheer laziness! Even so, I have managed at least a couple of makings and here they are ....

Speak Friend ... and Enter!

the Last Song of Autumn

This ... is me fangirling over the Mortal Instruments :)
Angelic Power

These 4 pairs of earrings were inspired by the photos my dad took of his latest trip to Tibet




And this little baby, now lives in a dollhouse somewhere in Germany :)

Before I go ... there is something in the workings which I am very excited about. In a couple of days, I shall come back with some news about it *fingers crossed* ... see you soon :)