Jul 7, 2013

Women Who Made A Difference

Lately, I find myself being fascinated by images of women. I think it all began with the piece "the Concubine". I have a collection of vintage images of women, a few of them which I use more than others as I loved the feel they exude. So over the week, I decided to make some little book necklaces. It's funny how every time I want to create a series to represent something, the first thing I think about is books. This week, I made 3 little book necklaces to honor the women who made a difference.

Mary, the Virgin

Amelia, the Aviator

Jane, the StoryWeaver

Do you know who these women are by their first names?
I'm thinking of making two or three more of these, just waiting for inspiration to strike :)

Apart from these book necklaces, I did make some earrings too, putting my dapping tool set to good use!

Arpeggio, a series of chords in music, represented by the chain drops on this windchime-like earrings. Honestly ... these pair of earrings look so much better in person. Just like in human beings, I find certain pieces photograph better, whilst some look much better in person but just don't come out well in photos. Maybe it's my photography skill ((O_o))

The next pair is called Timeless ... just as old handwritten letters are. I'm afraid the internet has deemed the beautiful communication method of letter writing obsolete. What a shame!

Finally, this pair is a playful one. It reminded me of a fortune-teller gypsy in a caravan. Fortuna, is a pair of super long earrings, measuring a whooping 6.5 inches from earwire to tail :)

Hokay! I hope you guys enjoyed these pieces. Off to make egg toast for the older girl and then prep some steps for my dance class tomorrow. Yup ... I've started to teach dance again, now that I have some time to myself when the baby goes to playschool 3 days a week :)