Jun 22, 2013

the Concubine

If she had died, he would never have forgiven himself. It was his mistake, his negligence that led his Dark Queen to his beloved. He thought that the Queen had retired to her chambers when he dived into the dark of night, wings fully spread. Little did he know that the Queen was waiting atop the highest tower of their palace with one of her flying Chimera which she had especially engineered to do her bidding, and hers only. She rode the creature and followed him into the Void, and into the Mansion of Black Steel. He had led his Queen straight to his beloved Concubine.

The Mansion and its beautiful gardens were all but destroyed. It was a battle between two of the most powerful dark forces in the universe ... him and his Dark Queen. He had, just in the nick of time, deflected the spell that the Queen had hurled towards his Concubine as she arrived. Even then, the Star-child could not have survived that battle after. The only thing he could do to protect his beloved Concubine was to encase her in the Crystal Mirror, for not even the Dark Queen can penetrate that mirror.

Overwhelmed with sadness, the Dark King now spends most of his time in the deepest caverns of his realm. He has distanced himself from the Queen, and from his people. Every waking hour, he would spend experimenting and forging an amulet that would allow him to reach his Concubine within the Crystal Mirror. You see, whilst the Queen cannot now harm his beloved Concubine, he too cannot reach her in any way. She was somewhere in the Void, encased, asleep … for the next 100 years.

This night, the Dark King at last holds in his hand, an amulet that he hopes would allow him into the consciousness of his sleeping Concubine ...

Jun 17, 2013

A Great Many Happenings

Woah!! It has been over a month hasn't it? I wonder why time is always on turbo gear ... what's the rush anyway? No matter how many times I try to knock some sense into his head, he never slows down. Never! Not even age can make him slow down. In fact, the older he gets, the faster he moves ... crap. I guess I just have to make the most out of him ...

3 weeks of my life passed in May with a gnawing backache and stomach discomfort. Of course, all those crappy thoughts came to play in my head ... heart attack, gall stones, kidney stones, panic attack etc etc etc. And I learned a new word from my friend ... he calls me a "Hypochondriac". Heh!! I sure hope I am ... that's better than heart attack, gall stones, kidney stones right? Anyhow, the pains seem to have gone, except for the back pain, which comes back when I'm sitting too long facebooking. Oh .. by the way ... for those of you who knew about my cholesterol scare last year, I finally went back for a blood test and the cholesterol is down to 4.8 ... which is now within the normal level. What a relief! A year of healthy eating -  lots of oats, salads, Virgin coconut oil AND EXERCISE really did do their job. Brought my cholesterol number down from 7 to 4.8 ... no medication needed :)

After the back pain episode, I managed to get myself to make some stuff. Earrings! I'm on an earring fetish phase ...





Dear Paris

Yes ... and a lot of resin and paper :)
OH! Did I mention I also bought myself (finally) a dapping set?

To Savoy

Rhyming Couplet

Crazy amount of earrings I made! But I also managed to sneak a book necklace in. Fragments of Time is a simple collection of little objects that remind me of times passed, and how much I yearn sometimes, to live a simpler and uncomplicated life ...

My final show and tell piece for today, as you will see below, has a dapped disc too. But this wasn't created with the metal dapping set I bought, because it was too small for this larger disc I wanted to make. So I made this disc in the primitive way ... a hammer and a tree log which I had lugged back from the side of the road where some men were trimming the trees.

I dun think you can see the hammer marks on it since this is the first time I'm using this log as a dapping base. But one day perhaps, you might even see a concave area on the log ... which means this log has earned its medal as a dapping base, or rather, I have earned my medal as a true metalsmith ;)

From the log it came ... this piece I'm seriously stoked with. Forging Poetry.

From the beginning of time, the pen and the brush were used as avenues for creative expressions. The brush, a universal symbol for Art, the Artist and their creative expressions. For me personally, writings, books, stories, have always inspired my imagination. The pen therefore, represents something scared in my dreams.

This piece began as a tribute to Creative Expression. But as the piece began to take shape, as the wires began to twirl and dance from my hands into its fanciful forms, as the ringing of my hammer began to sound like a rhythmic musical beat, I realized that this was more than just a tribute to creative expression, this WAS creative expression!

At the last phase of this piece, I wanted to choose a word to express it. There was no doubt in my mind that the word would be 'Poetry'. I had written Poetry today. But not in ink, I had written poetry in metal.