May 1, 2013

Eye of Lamia

"She was a gordian shape of dazzling hue,
Vermilion-spotted, golden, green, and blue;
Striped like a zebra, freckled like a pard,
Eyed like a peacock, and all crimson barr'd;
And full of silver moons, that, as she breathed,
Dissolv'd, or brighter shone, or interwreathed
Their lustres with the gloomier tapestries -
So rainbow-sided, touch'd with miseries,
She seem'd, at once, some penanced lady elf,
Some demon's mistress, or the demon's self ..."

~ Lamia – John Keats ~

I am so excited to share this latest piece with you! Not everyone's taste, I admit ... but definitely an absolute blast to make. It is pieces such as this that evoke the sense of play in me. It is pieces like this that make me giggle when it finally works :) I'm like a little kid I know.

The Eye of Lamia began with a single eyelid; made of repurpose copper, it was hammered into shape without the use of any dapping tools, just an old driftwood with plenty of curved crevices and a ball hammer.

The eyelash are synthetic lashes, and peacock feathers. Such DRAMA!!

And then the "armored socket" I call it ... in the form of a heart, made from epoxy clay, sculpted, painted and sealed. The 'armor' is also repurpose copper.

The coolest thing about this piece is, the eyelid moves! The eyelid opens when the chain drop is gently tugged downwards.