Apr 10, 2013

the Time Traveler

As soon as he opened his eyes, he knew exactly where he was. With a dejected sigh, he released the hatch and climbed out of the capsule. He glanced to his right, the mainframe flashed

Orion - Year 3032AD’.

It did not surprise him. Still clutching onto his amulet, his eyes squinted at the amulet’s compass. Somewhere in Denmark ... Darn! So near, but not enough. Unsuccessful yet again.

He ran his fingers across the etched stone-like fragment on the amulet.
“Paris”, he whispered softly to himself …

‘Damn Lamarque for dying! Damn those crazy people! How can 100,000 of them appear in one day?! We don’t even have 100,000 people here in the Republic!. Those were the curses going on in his head as he walked towards the mainframe. He needed to get back to that point in time where they were supposed to meet and run away together. And then suddenly, the streets were filled with throngs and throngs of angry bodies, all wanting blood. He waited at the window of his quaint apartment anxiously. Where is she? And then it happened. ‘No … no NO! Not now!’. As if they could hear him! He could feel his molecules collapsing. In dismay, the only thing he managed to grab was a letter she had written to him after their first meeting. He needed something to remind him of this place, and of her. He was coming back for her … no matter what it took.

‘Curse them for warping me back to the Time Ship!. That was 15 years ago. Still caressing the stone-like fragment, he remembered tearing out a little piece of the letter where the Paris stamp was and attaching it to the Time Amulet that he had constructed, so that he will never forget his destination. Through time, even though the piece of letter had petrified and turned to stone, his heart never stopped loving Satin. With that, he resets the coordinates on the mainframe and walks back to the time capsule.

Coordinates : Earth 48:51:17N 2:20:12E
Destination : Paris, France
Year : 1832AD


I hope you liked the story ;) Hot from the over, this piece called the Time Traveler was completed just last night. 

Before this I was playing with 2 pairs of earrings. Both rather huge ... for my normal earring standards. But what can I say, they were both inspired by women of strength.

This one I gave an Elven name, Maethor-Aranel which translates to Warrior-Princess

And this, is Helen of Troy.

In fact, these 3 pieces, the necklace and the earrings, all have one thing in common. They all began their existence with pieces of repurpose metal given to me by a good friend and wonderful artist, Barry of Rustnstuff. Barry works with metal and all of his art began their lives as something else, everyday items like serving trays, old pots, metal trash that people discard. And in Barry's hands, these items are cut up, torched, hammered, formed and worked into beautiful sculptural pieces. I was lucky enough to be sent quite a heap of metal pieces, some already worked by him into components, some still in their cut up unworked state. And this week I've been inspired to work on his gifts. I do hope he likes what he sees :) If you haven't yet met Barry, you should pop over to his place and marvel at his wonderful work! Simple click any "Barry"s and it will take you there :)


  1. AWESOME pieces Luthien. You have a VERY interesting mind.

  2. You are one talented lady. Your work is incredible!

  3. WONDERFUL...fantastic ARTIST!!! Kisses. NI

  4. We don't need to know why we love your creations so very much - we just DO! and that's it! Lucky to receive some of Barry's repurposed metal. Oh just went to look at his creations and love those metallic leaves - how cool!
    Thanks dear Luthien for your kind comment on my lace filled post!
    x Suzy

  5. I LOVE your Time Traveller story, I admire your talent. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing your talent, Luthien. I LOVE your Time Traveller narrative and am delighted by your inspirational talent!

  7. Love it as usual....Real sorry you can't teach with us but if ever you can, please drop me a line :)

  8. I just adore the necklace and both earrings. Of course I would love them all!! So talented. Hope you are well.
    I have had all kinds of compliments on the earrings I bought from you. Thank you so much!!!

  9. As usual, Luthien, your story is very appealing. I hope he finally found his Satin.

    Both earrings are just amazing and stunning and the neck piece is very beautiful. You are soooo clever!

  10. L - weaving your magic as usual - amazed that someone can take bits and pieces and not only create imaginative pieces but as others have said weave a story to go with the pieces. Thanks for the promotion of my work - just so good that we are able to share stuff. Go well. B

  11. Dear Luthien, I'm always impressed by your artwork. You provide such variety in your pieces and combine all of the elements to perfection!
    Your creations are spectacular!



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