Mar 16, 2013


A couple nights ago, I dreamed that I chanced upon an old abandon hut on a misty morning. Curious, I pushed open the weathered door and took a peek inside. The one thing that caught my eye was a peeling white dresser which stood at one corner of the room. I walked towards it instinctively. An old key was still lodged in the keyhole of one of the drawers. It wasn’t locked, so I pried open the drawer slowly in case something sprang out at me! Turns out it was empty. As I was about to shut the drawer, part of the back panel caught the light and I caught a glimpse of some scribbling. I pulled the drawer further out to see what it was. What I saw put a smile on my face. Although it was faded but I could make out that they were a child’s uneven writing and drawings of several stick-people. I woke up at that point and realized that I still had a smile on my face. I could imagine a little girl scribbling on a piece of wood and then perhaps daddy eventually used that piece of wood and made it into part of the dresser for the home.

I loved that idea of the child’s “hidden message” at the back of the drawer. If I had not looked deeper, I wouldn’t have seen it. I was inspired to make a piece with a hidden message. Words that no one would see unless they look deeper. Often times, people go about their lives looking but never consciously understanding. Some messages to us are hidden, and may be hidden forever if we do not attempt to dig deeper within us or look further than what is presented before us.

I foresee a few more "Hidden" pieces in the near future ... tho still thinking of what to hide, where :)

Couple of weeks passed since my last post, I feel life is just meandering along in a poetic manner, and I'm loving it. I felt that last year end was like a whirlwind of rush for me, working on this working on that. But 2013 seems to take a more leisurely pace and I am creating in a more relaxed manner. I am also spreading my time more evenly now between making art and other things that matter to me ... for instance my daily commando session :) (I call my workout sessions commando sessions :)

And art seems to unconsciously take on life too ... because out of the blue, I thought of the word "Symbiosis". Interdependence, coexistence, living together. I realized that I could include other activities in my life besides just making art. Something I didn't feel I could do "naturally" last year. It was either art, or exercise, art or cooking for the kids, and if I had to do both things, it felt forced. In fact they are all interdependent on each other and could coexist in harmony. They coexist to enrich life.

Both these earrings I named Symbiosis ... colors that are so contrasted yet coexisting in a single piece so harmoniously.

I also made this necklace called "to Wanderings ..." An ode to my favourite phrase "Not all those who wander are lost" . Another "realization" piece I must admit.

I have often lamented about the fact that I might have lost most of my youth ‘wandering’ and ‘wondering’. Could I have achieved more if I daydreamed less and stayed more focus? I have come to the realization that ‘wanderings’ and ‘wonderings’ are not necessarily bad … they are part of a journey. We wander because we are bidding time, waiting for the right time for something.Waiting for the culmination of one or more events.

Hahaha!!! So much reflections in this post!!! ok ok ... I shan't bore you guys anymore ... I'll just finish this up with another journal I made which I called "Lady in Arms" ... and no explanations :)

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my last post. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me with your thoughts and insights :) xo


  1. Exquisite work, as always. Love the concept of hidden messages.

  2. Dear Luthien, you are such a gifted writer, a story teller. Of course your pieces are stunning as usual. I love hidden things, each of us have, I believe has a hidden tender part. I bought a chest to paint with multiple drawers and hidden compartments. It's just waiting for me to paint it. Last year was a year of focusing on everything but my art and now my soul is starving. Things are changing in the near future which will enable me to have more mental time. I feel like a fledgling bird just opening my wings. An artist does not exist in a vacuum, so i have tried to find the art in everything I do. Focusing on the joys of life, cooking, family, gardening, nature.. but putting that all down- well it's time.

  3. I totally agree with Susan here, you are such a great story teller!!. You make a great mystery story book, and of course with each purchase, readers will get a piece of your enchanted metal works!. LOVE every detail of the dream, naturally :). LOVE LOVE the symbiosis project, and mostly the key piece :). Coming here is certainly like visiting Merlin's magical lab!!. HUGS.

  4. Love your work of art! Fabulous inspiration! TFS

  5. Nothing wrong with meandering and "poetically" is all the better. Your work (and musings) never cease to inspire and delight♥

  6. Ciao Luthien!!! Adoro ciĆ² che fai. Ti seguo sempre!
    Ho imparato tanto da te, dai tuoi libri meravigliosi e insuperabili e dalle tue casette deliziose. Spero tu non sia dispiaciuta se anche io ho provato a farne... ho sempre citato il tuo nome e il tuo blog!

  7. I love your musings on life & how you tie it into your creations....It is good to see your generation learning from our generation's mistakes that what is important in life is the substance of life at a higher degree than materials...I love how your art reflects that ...a wonderful reminder...Beatuiful work Luthien.... ((((HUGS)))))

  8. Hi LT - a mighty productive and diverse creative bit of time. You are on to something with the hidden messages - on many levels of course. Glad to hear you have found the balance for both commando and creative activity. Go well. B

  9. Your pieces are awe-inspiring! I adore the notion of a hidden message and fully agree with all your sentiments in this post. Beautiful thoughts for me to ponder. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Beautiful post, Luthien, and so much to admire, enjoy and ponder. Your work is just gorgeous, each one so full of thought and magic. Visiting you is always a joy. xox

  11. Exquisite works of art and musings.


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