Feb 25, 2013

2013 After Hiatus

WOWEE!!! I just checked the date of my last post ... it was Nov 28th! Has it been 3 month already? Well, I guess break time is now over, I've been lazing for far too long. Good day to begin my first post in 2013 as yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year. Come to think of it, I actually stopped making anything 2 weeks before Christmas last year, when I sent off my last Christmas order. The 2 months before Christmas really burned me out I think, after my last order I just went blank.

I began making things again a week before CNY just to get into the hang of things. Took some wires out and made some simple pieces to get the creative juice going and the hands working. A couple of earrings which I decided to give them girls' names Adara and Chyna were born, and also a mini book necklace called Cascade.

And then I made 3 journals ... YES 3!!!! One of them is a commission piece, a revisited design ... Nimloth of Eressea. And yea, I'm trying to catch up with my 2012 commissions *hangs head in shame for procrastinating*

Out of the 3 journals, this one is a new design which I named Unspoken.

I don't know how many of you have seen Les Miserables, the film, I watched it 3 times and cried 3 times. Honestly, I can watch it another 5 times and cry another 5 times! And I think I'm seriously in love with Hugh Jackman ... pity he's married and so am I ... not meant to be I guess ... *sigh*

Inspired by the story of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, this necklace is called Redemption. It is a journey about a man who turned from a life of hating, to a life of redemption through acts of compassion, courage and love … and his final redeeming journey into the arms of God.

The tactic of starting with something simple worked, cos knowing me ... things can get complicated real fast. Yesterday I completed this chunky baby ... a mixed media necklace called Protection...? This piece was named as such because it addresses the concept of Protection v Restraint. In lieu of all the children kidnapping and murder cases going on in my country, I am anxious for my girls' safety even more these days. And of course, it inevitable made me think of the subject of 'over protective' parents, which I don't also want to be.

As a parent, our children’s safety and wellbeing become our utmost concern. As society becomes more chaotic and less secure in this age and time, parents become ever more protective of their children. But when does protection become restraint, and guidance turn to control? How can we find a balance?

This piece is my expression of the concept of Protection vs Restraint.