Nov 4, 2012

the joy of making things (happen)

it's been 3 weeks since my last post ... i should be blogging more frequently! but networking has evolved so much since i first started blogging. i can say that i used to have only 1 place to show my work and talk to everyone, now there are loads of places to do that in a more micro way. I feel that sites like FB, Pinterest, Tumblr have actually taken away some of the audiences from the conventional blogging avenues, whether it's for the better I dunno. I guess that audiences are different. the audiences at places like Pinterest and Tumblr prefer just to "look" whilst people here would still read what you write. and for me, it's always a joy and a luxury to have some time to myself and sit in front of the screen to just write.

what do you guys think about the different networking avenues? which ones are working for you better?

in this 3 weeks i have been quite prolific *(: smug :)* ... well, for me it's considered prolific having to run around like a headless chicken most of the time! In this time i made, in the first batch, 3 pieces inspired by Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. and all becoz i caught the BBC series of it on YouTube!

Emily's Moors was inspired by the ruggedness and the desolate beauty of Emily Bronte’s moors as described in the novel. The chain of the necklace was made of dark annealed steel wires twisted around a variety of brass tone findings and shimmery glass beads to capture the twisted heath that grow within the moors glistening in the morning dew.

wearable book jewelry

“If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be” ~ Catherine Earnshaw
this next piece, i've named it simply ... Be.

mixed media jewelry

and all of this culminated to a rather dramatic journal... the Secret Diary of Catherine Linton
“My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods: time will change it, I am well aware, as winter changes the trees. My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I am Heathcliff!” ~ Catherine Earnshaw

handmade book journal

If Catherine had a diary … what secrets would lie within those crumbling pages? Even after becoming Catherine Linton, she could not forget him. She could never forget him. Theirs was a destructive love, but there was never a doubt that it was passionate and unyielding. Only in death, could these two tormented lovers reunite once again.

the one feature that had me thinking for a long time and eventually decide upon, was what to put inside the escutcheon. within the keyhole is the eye of Catherine's one true love, her tormentor and her murderer.

after easing off Wuthering Heights for a bit, i did manage to make some random pieces. inspired by my fren Barry, i tried my hands on a little bit of foldforming ;) if you can call this that. this pair of earrings i called Q & A

foldforming earrings

after a lot of rather heavy stuff, i just like to relax with a happy whimsical piece. so this one is Kiss Me In November :)

whimsical jewelry

finally, i made another one of those birdhouse pieces. this time, i had lined 3 miniature books inside. hence, Library was born.

wearable book jewelry

and as if i didn't have enough on my hands already ... one day i just spontaneously decided that i wanted to write a tutorial and put it on Etsy. so i wrote a 39 page tut on Project Library, complete with thorough descriptive instructions and 80+ instructional photos ((O_O)) stressed me up quite a bit, but am proud to say it's done and listed now :)

tutorial book jewelry

wow!! now that i have had a good look at this post ... i was REALLY prolific!!


  1. Well blogging is the only thing i do. I don't even glance at Pinterest...Facebook...Twitter...I just decided to pick one and Blogging won! Hugs!deb

  2. Amazing art! Just love these gorgeous pieces.

  3. Amazing art! Just love these gorgeous pieces.

  4. I always love to read your posts, they are such an excellent read and your artwork is awe inspiring. I love to see your detailed pictures and as always I am blown away. You have been very prolific and as always stunning pieces of art. Take care. Tracy x

  5. I miss blogging as much as I used to, and I miss reading blogs as it seems folks are moving to the instant gratification of FB, etc.
    I don't do Pinterest, or other social sites. (guess I'm not all that lol!)
    I still love a blog post with a story behind work, or just how another blogger's life is going.....this post is one of the reasons I still read.
    First and foremost, I guess I'm a READER. And Blogs are great for that.
    Congrats on your amazing productivity!!! I still treasure the necklace from you~~your work is a fairy-tale to wear.

    Anne (too lazy to crop pics and put up a post...oy!)

  6. Your collection is stunning! I'm so glad you took the time to share it with us. I always get inspired when I see your beautiful designs. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  7. I honestly (maybe it's age) can't keep up with all the various social medias. Never used Tumblr, tweeting etc. I like blogging cuz it feel a little more personal and I feel more connected and much closer on a real level with all of you beautiful bloggers that I follow and don't we all want to feel more connect? Love the fold forming and Barry is always inspiring. I love it when I made some fold formed leaves after seeing his. You're so creative and always making each so different than the last... all with so much soul!

  8. Oh Luthien, you have indeed been prolific! Each one of your pieces is beautiful - you have a very special talent. And now I need to read Wuthering Heights again! I do like your folds - don't we get a lot of inspiration from Barry?

  9. Goodness me you have been busy! They are all gorgeous.

    With regards to social networking I guess it depends on my mood. I read my favourite blogs every week and check facebook every day. I love pinterest but limit the amount of time I spend on there, otherwise it I feel a little overwhelmed by it all.

  10. Luthien... io aspetto con ansia i tuoi post! Mi piace troppo quello che fai. Io non segue twitter o Fb o altri siti. Io vivo nel mondo del blog e ho provato a creare, sul mio blog, anche le tue birdhouse seguendo il tuo prezioso tutoria. Se ti va fai un giro da me e grazie per l'ispirazione che mi dai (Italy)
    See you soon, Monica

  11. Found you after watching MsLiberty25's you tube. Glad I took the time. Your work is amazing. I love blogs. I like the words and the photos that tell a "whole" story. I do pinterest but the others not so much. Can't afford the fancy phone and the monthly connection charge required for tweeting, instagram photos, etc. I did pin some of your work on my boards and I started following some of yours. Just to keep the connection. thanks for sharing.

  12. Everything you do is so magical, my friend! LOVE it all :) Oh and I've become a really bad blogger since facebook ;) xo Michele

  13. Hi L - you have been very busy and very creative and daring - trying new things. Love the library of books; and love your first fold formed piece - now there will be no stopping you - I can see you adding it as an element in your many mysterious and meaningful creations. Go well. B

  14. WH is a favorite of mine as favorite version is with Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliffe!! :D Beautiful pieces Luthien...I love how the classics inspire you..


  15. BTW I agree with you about FB & Pinterest...they can take away from Blogland...that is why I am getting back to it...

  16. Hi Luthian, received my lovely piece "Be". I am saving the first wearing until my 60th next month.
    I have started following the tutorial for the library piece, need to still purchase some bits and pieces when I go to town next week.
    thank you, Dianne

  17. I do a bit of all of them, but for different reasons. I love to read what some people write on their blogs, and those are the ones I go to. I like to post into categories on twitter because I refer back to things within those boards--a hairstyle, a recipe, an image I love. And Tumblr - mostly I love quotes and photographs and reblog them there.

    No wonder I'm not reading as much literature lately. Too much time spent with social media!

  18. Love your writing and your art...feel like I have fallen into another world. :) Found you through Seth's Art Blog last blog post was similar to yours about all the computer distractions that take us away from reading and writing blogs.

  19. Ok. Came to your blog through Pinterest. I love pinterest as it introduces me to new artists and their blogs. However, I don't do any other social media. Would feel pulled apart lol. Love, love, love what you do. It's stunning. I wish I had your talent. SusyC


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Luthien :)