Nov 28, 2012

of Faetales, Fantasies and Family

it always feels like a luxury to just sit and write a blog post. Maia is having her nap and Llara is entertaining the Ipad, which she sneakily coveted it off her grandma for the duration of the year-end holidays. Noise pollution in the home is down to only the rumbling thunder in the distance and the pitter patter of the rain on my window. Bliss ...

i shall not contemplate too long on my luck this afternoon, for i have lots of pretties to show :)

Whence Stories Came is my first attempt at making a metal flower bud ... within that bud, lies the tiniest book, signifying the home of stories, and 3 seeds, which without, the home would be empty. they are the Seed of Passion, Seed of Imagination and the Seed of Artistry. that's how stories are born ...

metal jewelry fantasy

after this piece, i remember taking a break for a few days before i had the vision of a dark forest, not so much omnimous, but secretive and magical. a place where the Fae live...

a place where huge moss-covered trees bear strange nuts and berries that sometimes fall on the Forest Floor.

metal jewelry fantasy

a place where gnarled ancient vines bear enchanting Forest Offerings ... but beware, not all are sweet to the human tongue!

metal jewelry fantasy

a place where numerous stories have been weaved for generations. Forest Tales that are too strange to believe ... but are they?

metal jewelry fantasy

a place where humans are not really welcomed, tho if you did get lost, just follow the Faelights, and they will lead you out, but not before making you walk round the forest 3 times ...

metal jewelry fantasy

i think i can go on and on about this ancient magical forest that i've landed myself in. but after walking round the forest 3 times ... i think i'd better cool off for a bit ;)

and so i endeavored to make something less Fae, but not necessarily less mysterious. last night, i was playing around with Barry's stash of metal, trying very hard not to cut my hands in process ... and i suddenly had this idea of rolling a piece of metal into something much like a swissroll! so, i proceeded to flatten a piece of patterned brass, and then divided it into 2 equal parts. some steel wires, rustic howlite beads and a couple of dictionary excerpts later ... Cryptex emerged.

metal jewelry steampunk

been really enjoying myself with these few pieces, but what i loved most was this one i made. it began when i attempted to make my first birdnest with copper wires.

this, i named Born Free ...

metal jewelry birdnest

many people have asked me why there are only 2 eggs in the nest and not the 3 that you would normally see. the answer is simple ... becoz this piece is a homage to my 2 amazing little girls Llara and Maia, and my hope that they will grow up to follow their dreams and live life with passion, compassion and freedom. Not to be shackled down by anything, but to live life to the full.
Born Free, Live Free.

"Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart

Live free and beauty surrounds you
The world still astounds you
Each time you look at a star

Stay free, where no walls divide you
You're free as the roaring tide
So there's no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
'Cause you're born free"


  1. Hi there, long time... I quit FB

    Your blog has grown, the design is wonderful. I have added your button to mine on


  2. Your pieces are gorgeous, delightful and fantastic!!! I love the way you manipulate metal. And your pieces beckon a closer look.

    I loved watching Born Free when I was a kid. The song is just beautiful. I wonder if the movie would still affect me the same way as when I was young. With all the new technology some of the older movies seem a bit goofy now.

  3. Love these pieces and the story with them. The shapes you have created are magical. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Your work is AMAZING!! Very inspiring !

  5. Hello Luthien,

    Your work is just Exquisite! I especialy love your little books, they just take my mind away to a different place....imagine if you found one of these in the magical they are.
    Thank-you for sharing!!

  6. L- good to see that you have not run out of stories - not sure is the stories inspire the work or vice versa - but it works to create mysterious and exquisite unique pieces that are so you. Go well and continue to find the times to create. B

  7. Beautiful work, love all the sinuous copper tendril and I love the inspiration behind that amazing metal flower. I'm very lucky where I live to have a lot of wonderful, mossy woodland to seek inspiration.

  8. Each creation is like a small nest of goodies collected ~ intricate treasures to cherish~♥

  9. wow!! gorgeous creations!. such a joy to look at all these curious beauties. they have magical qualities too. i love your story, i'm all ears :).

  10. Love these pieces and the story with them. The shapes you have created are magical. thanks as always for sharing.
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  11. absolutely positively wonderful... your wire work is like your own script - so graceful... i especially love the forms you created in the earrings... hope you all are well - enjoy the stolen moments!

  12. Your imagination is as wonderful and expressive as all your little beauties! Thank you for setting me free for a few brief moments.

  13. Dear Luthien, thank you for a wonderful year of sharing your creativity, and for all the inspiration.

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday season and a prosperous New Year! :-)

    Sending big hugs your way!

  14. Your pieces are absolutely amazing and I love reading all the stories behind them. Inspirational.

  15. Hi Luthien, I absolutely love them all!! I just cant say anymore than that!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas you and your lovely family! xx

  16. Wow - great story, and great ephemerae, as always!


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