Sep 5, 2012

creative block & some PEACE

Ahhh greetings! I'm back from the land of creative block. Not much of a vacation since all the tourist attractions consist of giant lego blocks of all shapes and sizes, which dun even fit together. Until one fine morning I woke up to this!

And then ... I AM HOME!!! My angel of metal stash in the form of Mr Barry Smith (yes you! kind sir :) has struck again! Isn't it great to have a creative guardian angel especially when one is wandering aimlessly in legoland? And this time, the stash even came along with a metal cutter!!! OMG!!! Aren't I blessed! Thank you so much once again B :)

I know this may seem veering off path, but please hear me out. On the 21st of this month, we once again celebrate World Peace Day. I have promised myself and a lovely friend, MaryJane that I would participate in this PROJECT championed by her (please click on link). Well, Barry's stash came just in time to get me out of legoland and straight into some rather contemplative thoughts on Peace.

The concept of Peace is never as simple as it sounds. For before any sort of communion or peace is achieved, most of the time sacrifices of some sort would have already been made. In Honor Of was created to remind us of such sacrifices, and to remember those who have fallen so that others/we may live in Peace.

handmade jewelry

When I first began making this piece, I knew I wanted a sort of shrine so that I may immortalize “Peace”. I proceeded to search for an old Treaty of Peace on the net and found one which dated back to 1783. Then somehow I had to find a way to highlight the word ‘Peace’ on the treaty. I chose to frame it through an old key mounted on a clay tablet. The heart symbol has always called out to me, but in this case, it screamed to be included.

The elements came together quite naturally and the piece was finally completed. But what I did not expect was the overwhelming poignancy that hit me when I looked at it as a completed piece. What begin as a shrine to immortalize “Peace”, suddenly looks to me, more and more like a memorial. Even the shape of the key reminded me of a cross. 

handmade jewelry
On a lighter note, it never fails to amaze me how the artwork can take a life of its own in the midst of the process, turning the artist into a mere doer of its fancy.

When In Honor of was created to remember those who have made that sacrifice so that others may live in peace, Declaration of Peace was a natural extension of the aftermath of this sacrifice.

mixed media jewelry

The repurpose copper fashioned into a time capsule holding a rusted pen nib symbolizes “written peace” (like in Peace Treaties). A pair of wing findings, old gears and a heart make the other part of the piece. They represent an environment that I frequently associate with Peace … Freedom.


  1. Both of your pieces are absolutely *STUNNING*. I'm actually a big fan of "Legos" but this is WAY better! Thanks to Barry for sending you some inspiration!

  2. These two pieces are so beautiful. As Ellen said...they are stunning! I love both, but your piece "In Honor Of" really just strikes a cord with me. Lovely lovely work. Welcome back from creative block, lol.

  3. this is really touching and wonderful... and what makes it extra special that it became collaborative in a way... how we all touch each other, setting off ripples in each other's lives... it's a beautiful thing...

  4. So well said and oh such beautiful work. Your pieces are such treasures. Welcome back!


  5. You have such a wonderful creative imagination Luthien. No doubt Barry's gift will be given a new and exciting life in your imaginative pieces. Pieces for Peace?

  6. Always wonderful to receive a stash from Down Under! You lucky girl. Love the thought process and the necklace! Peace is always something we strive for and maybe it's just a little easier when we carry pieces of each other along the route to foster that message. Lovely

  7. Hello!
    It's very beautiful work.


  8. Hi L - if stashes can create that sort of creativity then I'm happy to share my bits and pieces any time. And thanks for the shout. Go well. B

  9. Your work is exquisite here Luthien, I love how the little "home" that houses peace is curled around the edges; showing an aged and worn appearance as though it's something we've been fighting for a long time.

    Your natural progression into the Declaration of Peace is breathtaking and entirely fitting. I see the same movement in the edges of the tubing that envelopes the pen, as though once again this is an effort that far surpasses our lifetimes.

    Simply wonderful!

  10. Beautiful and so original!


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