Sep 27, 2012

A Different Place & Time

After many years of blissful togetherness, the man and the woman decided that it was time to gather the sweet memories of their union and place them in a special place. The man took bits of his clothes and a rusted key from their favorite clock and assembled them into a book. This book, he called Time. 

handmade books

The woman in turn, took bits of her own lace, some old love letters that he had sent her and a keyhole from the door of the home they shared together, and made it into another book. And this, she called Place.

handmade books

After a time, the man and the woman passed on from this world. In their hands, they cradled a book close to their hearts. He cradled her book, and she his. For it was a promise that they made to each other … that one day, in a different place and time … the books would come together, and their hearts would once again unite …

this was what i've been up to over the weekend and the beginning of this week. i have been itching to play with polymer clay after putting it away for a while. my pasta machine wasn't rolling too good and baking the clay actually caused my electricity bill to skyrocket ... so i thought, hmmm, not a good idea to polymer clay too often. but once in a while, the desire returns :)

some time back i managed to acquire this beautiful trinket box from etsy. dun mind the white stuff tho, it's just some residual from the baby powder i used as releasing agent.. isn't the etching on the box cover just so beautiful!? you can see what lovely book covers this trinket box created simply by 'stamping' it on a piece of polymer clay and then aging it with acrylics. (of course ... it's never as easy as it sounds. took many attempts to get 2 close-to-perfect covers)  

handmade books

another piece that i really wanted to share is this cuff which i made last week. this is the Cuff of Eryn Laer. in elven, Eryn Laer means the Forest of Song.

mixed media jewelry

this time of the year brings much nostalgia, magic and romance ... it's Autumn afterall. Happy Autumn all ... and to my frens in the southern hemisphere ... Happy Spring!!


  1. Hi L - what an amazing combination of textures and layers in the cuff - it must have taken ages to build - I think I will just stick to beating metal - much easier. But then again my metal creation never have the stories that are so imbedded in your piece. Love it. Go well. B

  2. That cuff is absolutly exquisite!! WANT.

  3. OMG, this is totally amazing and the story behind it nearly made me cry. So, so beautiful and amazing to think it is clay! When I looked at it I was sure it must be metal!.The whole thing is out of this world!!! Do love the cuff too.

  4. Yes and I so love the stories embedded in your books and works of art too. I wonder if she took a piece of lace as old as the lace I have recently been gifted!!!
    Your cuff is unique and so beautiful
    Gorgeous as your creations always are to me!

  5. the cuff and the books are fabulous... i love how each piece has a story associated with it... the textured polymer is beautiful in your skilled hands... and the balanced intricacy of the cuff is fabulous... only you do this so well...

  6. Oh boy, tearing up over this one. We just moved my beloved grandparents into assisted living facilities over the past two months. Then we cleaned out their house. I wish I had books such as these to hold some of the things we found. Your touching story and wonderful keepsakes touched my heart♥

  7. I enjoy your blog and I love this story/project about the books-what a great idea!

  8. You are by far the most creative soul I have ever known and remain a constant inspiration!

  9. Bonjour,
    Tes créations sont de pures merveilles.
    Je me demande avec quoi tu fais tes reliefs sur ta pâte polymère?
    Moi, sur mon book, j'ai fais au plus simple, c'est pour ça!!
    En tout cas, j'adore!


  10. What the heck!! Over the top beautiful! Your stories are as beautiful as your pieces. Each piece is always such eye candy and it draws you in and always holds your attention. All so eternal.

  11. The books and the cuff are gorgeous! Everything you create is unique and beautiful.

    Gaby xo

  12. Just stunning, Luthien, as always. You do wonders with polymer clay, your story is so touching and the cuff is really beautiful!


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