Jul 15, 2012

the Dream and the Child

“It was in a dream that I saw a child being born from the rocks, naked but well formed. And when she uncurled and lifted her head, light of purity and hope burst forth from her being. I knew then, she was the Child of Light, for I can feel her in my heart.”

mixed media handmade jewelry

This mixed media necklace was inspired by several very different elements - a bio-mechanical tattoo where they would tattoo an image of skin being ripped open revealing mechanical parts within. Operation salvage of an old pouch, where I had removed all the hardware and one that attracted me was a zipper with a leather pull. And then, a dream … well, THAT dream. 

mixed media handmade jewelry

To be honest, I cannot even remember clearly the creative process of this necklace. I remember the beginning … I remember I wanted and HAD to embed a zipper in rock. ???. And then I remember the end. I remember when I finished the main part of the pendant and hooked it onto the chain, it didn’t feel right. It needed something else. After looking at it for half a day, I added the beautiful, huge turquoise. Similar color and striation to the Variscite bead within, yet different. ??? again.

And then just as I was writing this, I looked over to the necklace hanging beside me and it suddenly dawned upon me. It was the dream
exactly … the huge turquoise I had to add, was me. I was looking at the Child being born from the rocks, just as I had in my dream. My hair stood on ends.
??? all answered.

mixed media handmade jewelry

And as I look at it even more … I can see that the huge turquoise symbolizes a Mother, experiencing HER child being born. Not unlike the experience I had, with my preemie Maia in the delivery room.

This must be one of the most uncanny creative revelation ever!

Revelations aside, I did make some not so uncanny stuff last week. And i discovered how to mask photographs :) you know the effects you can get from the iphones? i found one of the apps on the net for Windows download (for free YAY!!) Pixlr-o-mantic it's called.
handmade jewelry metal
Another birdhouse necklace creation from Barry's salvaged metals ...

... this is called Remembering a Time. Remembering all the people who made me who I am, remembering all those moments that made me what I am … Remembering my grandmother ...

And this, is Weathered Etchings, a bracelet. The etchings are made on a clay tablet and then roughly wrapped in a sheet of salvage brass like a bezel, only it's not soldered (cos i can't afford to buy a torch yet :( )

The photos were masked using 4 layers of effects. Because Pixlr-o-matic only allows 1 layer of mask from 1 category, you will have to mask and save the photo 3 times to get this effect. But I found a way to save all the effects that I liked on my computer and then put them all together in 1 layer using GIMP. So I only have to mask the photo once and get a 4 layered effect :) One happy duck here!


  1. Quite a stunning necklace - love the zipper revealing the secrets.
    And the birdhouse is adorable.

  2. Revelations and dreams...fits you jewellery to a 'T'.

  3. Simply Amazing creation. Love it!


  4. L- you always astound me with the thoughts and stories that inspire your works - the Zipper piece is very chilling and meaningful. Glad the metal is coming in use in very unique works. Go well and continue to create so uniquely. B

  5. OMG! Stunning! That open zipper is incredible! I don't how you come up each time with something so very different in your pieces. It boggles my mind. So So very beautiful!!

  6. Stunning!!!! Love your work! Thanks so much for letting us know about the app!!!
    Have a great day!

  7. Inspirational, so love the layering of lace and zipper, stone and rusty bits. Great to see you on pinterest, it's so addictive!

  8. Good Lord you just continue to amaze and inspire! Gorgeous work as always♥

  9. All of these are so amazing!! you are so creative & inspiring...Every piece just is so unique!!! You think "this is my favorite piece" then you see the next one...LOL..

    Great Artwork, Luthien


  10. luthien, these pieces are so wonderful... the first one profound, born from a dream... those are some very special moments, aren't they? your work is always just so unique...


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