Jul 12, 2012

Buried Treasure 2012

OOO!!! i nearly missed Seth's Buried Treasure call this year! in fact this post is supposed to go up on the 11th and it's already 12th where i live. fortunately it's still 11th at where Seth lives ;) see ... i'm right when i tell my American frens that i'm their future!!

so, what is Buried Treasure 2012?
in Seth's words, Buried Treasure is an online, collaborative project that invites art bloggers to go into the depths of their blogs and dig for buried treasure. Each participant was asked to repost one (or more) or their favorite posts from their own blog. we are supposed to dig back into our past posts and repost an article of our choice. what a great way to give old posts new life and having fun at the same time! i tell ya ... Seth thinks of the best participation projects!

before i repost a post of my choice, let me just leave you a link to Seth Apter's The Altered Page, where you will find a list of this year's participants. the post of my choice was called A Christmas Wrap-up and it was published on the 31 Dec 2008. i chose this post for 2 reasons. Firstly, this was the starting point i guess, of me wanting to take art more seriously. becos i remember after this post, i thought to myself ... hey, i can do this for the rest of my life! . Secondly, it's so very interesting to see how my taste and style have evolved from 2008! Kinda weird ... but sweet :) so without further ado ... A Christmas Wrap Up ...

the year is nearly over and i'm excited to see what next year would bring :) after the gift making frenzy in the past month i thought it fitting that i wrap up all the christmas gifts i made in this last post of 2008 :) so here they are ...

3 friendship tags :

i am naturally inclined to slightly "darker" things, so most of the art i come up with are not what i would call "happy" looking. the same thing happened when i made these tags, they naturally turned out to be quite subdued and kinda "bleak" if i may say so... thus didn't go too well with christmas! so i decided to add some tassels and bells to them to give them a more "christmasy" and a happier feel... the tassels were made from putting together ribbons, sequines, yarn and bells. the sunflower (last minute addition) also helped to brighten the last tag up. plus... if anyone intend to hang these on their doors ... they would also make good "door bells" :))) the first two tags had my "untitled ll" poem on them which i thought went well with the travel theme.

2 magnetic boards :

of course these came with 4 magnets each :)) magnets made from glueing raw magnets to mosaics if you remember :) you can find the creative process of these magnetic boards in one of my previous post :)

5 sets of coasters :

this set of 8 were my first try. i gave them to 8 of my colleagues in the office.

subsequently, i enjoyed making coasters so much that i made 4 more sets. i know there are 3 here, that's because that 1 set that i made... ahem... wouldn't be very nice if an under age happen to come into my blog and saw them... so i rather not post the pics here :)))

the doggie set was made last. this was for a very good friend who is also the host of the party we went to ... he is a true animal lover :) lives with 3 dogs and 3 cats :) so i thought doggie coasters were perfect for him :)))

nell who received the betty boop set was squealing and sent me the most lovely thank you message via facebook the next day :))) i'm so glad she loved them...

2 painted mirrors :)

these mirrors were painted with waterbase acrylic. i did a similar sunflower mirror for another friend 2 years ago and one of my friends saw a picture and fell in love with it. she even asked me if could paint another one and she'll buy it from me... of course i'll paint another for her... so she got this as a christmas gift :))

the second mirror i called "lothlorien" which was inspired by lord of the rings :) though you cannot really see it, but the motif is painted with luminesence pearl white paint and looks really magical when you see it under lights :) i especially designed and painted this for a very gentle friend :)

all in all it was a great christmas :) now let's see what next year holds for all of us :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Tee Hee!!! You HAVE changed your style...good then, but delicious now!!! I still/always love it - wish I could handle and own a piece!!!
    Love and light

  2. It is good to remember from whence we came! ;^)

  3. L- loved this post - because it shows that you have always had such joy of life; and because it celebrates what you did in days gone by and the changes you have made on your creative journey. Go well and may the evolving creative force be with you always. B

  4. Such a great idea, so many posts get buried over the years. Those sunflowers looked fun and the tags looked cool.

  5. Wow ~ these really take me back Luthien, I totally remember your magnetic boards and coasters! I even have a set of your elephant coasters and use one for my coffee on my desk every day ~ too funny!
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  6. This is my first time around to go to all of the blogs that are participating in the 'Treasure Hunt' and I'm lovin' it!
    You are very creative...I love what you are doing!
    Teresa in California

  7. love this post on the evolution of an artist. also, thanks for the link to seth's blog, where i found a couple more blogs to follow! (something i probably shouldn't do, cuz i already have trouble keeping up with everyone, but oh well...i love it)

  8. Interesting project! It's been fascinating to see your style grow and develop, and though it has definitely changed a lot I can still see your distinctive touch in all these pieces!

    I love those magnetic boards - you have the best ideas! And I still have some of your coasters - I was always to scared of spoiling them to use them for drinks, so I have them on my kitchen shelf just to admire them! ;)

  9. Ooohh, lovely blog, Luthien. Has a magical feel to it. Will have to bookmark this now I have found it through Buried Treasure. Love the unusual jewellery - wish I had time to get into that!

  10. What a really great concept! How fun it must have been to dig deep and create treasures based on work from your past.


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