Jun 19, 2012

when 2 creative souls come together ...

a couple of months ago, Niki visited my etsy and bought a necklace from me. she left me a most lovely message. she told me that my work spoke to her as a storyteller. Niki also asked me about my journals and thought of ordering one from me. After the necklace arrived, she wrote to me again and told me that she had wore it everyday since ... it assisted her in her storytelling and that people loved it! isn't it lovely to hear something like that said of your work? my heart was smiling :) 

the journal was next. she wanted something that said travels, stories, taking flight and definitely, a blood red heart. she loved my red hearts. and so, i made her, Tales from Faraway ... which was shipped to her last month.

handmade books

2 days ago Niki wrote to me again. she had attached 2 photos with the message. she wrote, "I have made an artwork that combines my body and your artwork...I hope you don't mind...it says something about how deeply your image speaks to my soul" 

i was floored when i saw the photos. they spoke deep within me. the marriage of her body and my art was the highest compliment i have ever received. she wanted to carry my artwork within her like it was part of her body, her psyche. WOW! i felt, at that very moment, that something special has happened ... she has weaved our souls together.

later, she told me what it meant to her : I call it "My Body, My Compass" because I think the body is often a wiser guide than the mind...my body reminds me that I am part of nature and I follow its natural cycles, it reminds me that I have limits, it reminds me that I need to nourish myself in the most ordinary ways, it reminds me that I am tender, that I live and shine but will also fade and die. Your assemblage brings to my body a sense of adventure, a central passion, a connectedness to the four winds, a passion for flight and journeying. So I am held between adventure and passion and vulnerable, tender humanity.

moments like these, are magical moments. it'll stay with me for a long long time ...

*Niki Pidd is an actor/storyteller who lives in Melbourne, Australia. You can find her at her Facebook page Storytelling : Hearth Tales


  1. Amazing book and a stunning collaboration! I really enjoyed sharing your experience. Thank you!

  2. Wow, how awesome that she connects to perfectly with the pieces you made! What a great Collaboration!

  3. Holy smokes! that is so cool! what an amazing experience to have someone connect to your work like that! Wow, just wow

  4. Those pix are STUNNING! How cool that she chose your work!

  5. Oh Luthien, such a wonderful reaction to your work. Makes ME all warm and fuzzy.... you are obviously so moved by this. Congratulations,,, it is what all artists dream of, and your work so deserves it.

  6. It's always wonderful when our art speaks to other's. I had one lady who was brought to tears about some of my work and it's never a good thing to cry in your booth - but it's just a moment that catches you off guard and those moments are always the best. You work is always moving!

  7. L- as others have said - wow!! an amazing story, beautiful connections and a very creative combined piece of work - your book and Niki's image. Special outcome. Go well. B

  8. Amazing to see how Niki has been inspired by your work and really isn't that what we all aspire to, create work that brings inspiration to others. Keep it handmade!

  9. What an amazing testament to your art work Luthien...I think it voices what we all feel about the amazing creations that come out of you...Just beautiful & earthy...like you

    ((Hugs)) <3

  10. What an amazing story Luthien ~ how could you not feel utterly flattered but then your work inspires everyone!


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