Jun 14, 2012

some work : some play

i have been desperately trying to fill up my shop with more pieces amidst orders and i realized, wow, it IS pretty difficult! i envy those who have like 3 pages of choices on etsy when i can't even fill one. maybe i'm just a slow worker. but i am glad that i have found a way to balance orders with creating new stuff. i've decided that after every 2 or 3 orders, i will let myself play a bit (tho sometimes "a bit" becomes "quite a bit" :p )

it's amazing how the Harry Potter canon have left such a deep impression on so many including myself. believe it or not, i am still taking orders for my HP inspired books and jewelry. and this week it was 2 Quidditch Handbooks orders, which i'd completed ... YAY!

and then i allowed myself to play a bit ... well, QUITE a bit actually ...

the first piece i made was this Simplicity bracelet. i have been so in love with artisan ceramic beads lately. and this lady's work just makes my heart swoon. aren't Gaea's beads just lovely! i mean, you don't need much to go with them, they just speak for themselves. here's her shop - Gaea Handmade ... tho be warned ... everything is "reserved"!! you gotta book her beads ahead of time!

Storytime was next. i had earlier made 3 pieces in this configuration ... long necklaces which i felt were slightly sexy ;), yet still quite elegant. 2 have been sold so i thought "OOO .. i wanna make another :)" that square 1 cent Malaysian coin has King George V's head on it ... never knew this coin even existed before i found a bunch of them in an antique shop.
Oh ... you gotta love this one! inspired by the mini series that took the world by storm since it first released Season 1 about 2 years ago? this modern take on Sherlock Holmes is just brilliant in every way, and Benedict Cumberbatch must be the best Sherlock i've ever seen! 

i have been watching it on DVD now for at least 3 times. can you tell i am irrevocably SHER-LOCKED? well, i'm glad i'm not the only one ... cos this was sold within 10 minutes of listing. and in the very words of Michelle - "I'm not letting this one get away! :p"

here are some of the other pieces that i've been revamping and relisting again ... all photo manipulated, just for fun :) 

From top left clockwise : Seed of Maia (Bohemian) . Immortal II & Eternal II . Broken Wings II.  

Busy aren't i? ;)


  1. As always - stunning work! Love the handbook. Have you thought about working on anything in regards to the The Hunger Games. Hopefully soon I can get with you about a handbook for myself! Again Beautiful work.

  2. I'm sure new generations of kids will be coming of age all the time and discovering Harry Potter! So you may be making Harry Potter themed things for quite some time! :)

  3. I can understand why you feel so busy... you ARE. Such exquisite work doesn't happen in a flash, AND your photography etc., is perfect. All very time-consuming.

  4. Love that bangle and the necklaces, love the romantic, fraying detailing, the layering of elements and that touch of rust. I'm just totally nuts about the new Sherlock too, should hopefully be getting series 3 in the Autumn over here.

  5. ...what a superb posting Luthien, a feast for the eyes...I'm not surprised your work is being snapped up from your shop, it's so unique, I adore your Hogwarts handbook, the whole fantasy theme, what a joy it must be to hold that book in your hands, you'll feel like your on the set!...this is your first posting that I've seen & so glad to be following you...Mel :)

  6. Well my shop on etsy is totally empty right now!! I am doing orders and haven't had time for the shop. Your work is always so stunning and creative!

  7. Wow you are busy! Lucky girl! I can't get motivated to do anything creative - it's like 110 here and that's not helping. Love all the pieces and it's wonderful you have so many orders! With all those beauties you're destined to up late nights..

  8. I like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock too! XD Irene Adler as a dominatrix was pretty cool too.

  9. L-such amazing productivity. I'm totally with you on the idea of doing the commissions but in between just doing something for oneself or just to be creative on a another tangent. Looks like you have another stash of good stuff to add to your shop. Go well. B

  10. These are all wonderful. The Harry Potter books are amazing.

    Have to admit I'm another that is Sher-locked, *sigh* I adore Benedict Cumberbatch.

  11. Oh my stars!!! Love the HP book!!! LOVE, love it when you get to play!!! I have become one of your biggest fans:))


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