Jun 26, 2012

Beyond this Realm the we know ...

" a Land awaits for the Chosen Ones … a Sorceress, and a Seeress. It has been foretold that the Chosen Ones will rid the Kingdom of the Usurper and return the rightful Heir to the people of this Land ...

 the Sorceress ... regal, powerful and deadly, she comes from a time long before this. Walking the Land and biding her time patiently, she has seen three Kingdoms rise ... and fall. Her beloved Land, wreaked with war and gloom. But she is aware that the time is nigh. The One that will restore this Land to its former glory and bring peace for a thousand years has emerged. Her task is to ensure that this Quest shall not fail ...

 the Seeress ... sensitive, blind and all-seeing, she comes from an ancient line of Seers and Seeresses who have long retreated into the mountains in search of peace. Her calling came when her mind's eye saw the extermination of her race under the rule of the Usurper. She leaves the comforts of the mountains in search of the only one that can save her race. With the guidance of her inner eye, the Seeress joins the Sorceress in search for the Last Bloodline.

 Deep in the Forest of Rim’b, a Princess comes of age. Living in exile, she grew up under the protection of the Forest Gypsies. Concealing her identity from the Usurper who killed her parents, the young Exile learns the skills of a warrior from her guardians. In the shadows of Rim’b, she waits silently for the day when she would finally avenge her parents’ death and reclaim her rightful place amongst her people. She wears on her neck, her father’s emblem and her mother’s lace, so that she may never forget, who she is …


  1. Oh! Such lovely items. I love the colours and the textures, jewellery you want to touch as well as wear.

  2. Your work is always AMAZING!

  3. Beauties - all in their own rite!

  4. I love your work - such an inspiration!

  5. Hi L - great pieces to match the text - is the text yours or others. Very imaginative. B

  6. First you knock us dead with your gorgeous creations, now you're weaving enchanting tales for them. What's next... video montages??
    Whatever you do it's always magnificent!


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