Jun 26, 2012

Beyond this Realm the we know ...

" a Land awaits for the Chosen Ones … a Sorceress, and a Seeress. It has been foretold that the Chosen Ones will rid the Kingdom of the Usurper and return the rightful Heir to the people of this Land ...

 the Sorceress ... regal, powerful and deadly, she comes from a time long before this. Walking the Land and biding her time patiently, she has seen three Kingdoms rise ... and fall. Her beloved Land, wreaked with war and gloom. But she is aware that the time is nigh. The One that will restore this Land to its former glory and bring peace for a thousand years has emerged. Her task is to ensure that this Quest shall not fail ...

 the Seeress ... sensitive, blind and all-seeing, she comes from an ancient line of Seers and Seeresses who have long retreated into the mountains in search of peace. Her calling came when her mind's eye saw the extermination of her race under the rule of the Usurper. She leaves the comforts of the mountains in search of the only one that can save her race. With the guidance of her inner eye, the Seeress joins the Sorceress in search for the Last Bloodline.

 Deep in the Forest of Rim’b, a Princess comes of age. Living in exile, she grew up under the protection of the Forest Gypsies. Concealing her identity from the Usurper who killed her parents, the young Exile learns the skills of a warrior from her guardians. In the shadows of Rim’b, she waits silently for the day when she would finally avenge her parents’ death and reclaim her rightful place amongst her people. She wears on her neck, her father’s emblem and her mother’s lace, so that she may never forget, who she is …

Jun 19, 2012

when 2 creative souls come together ...

a couple of months ago, Niki visited my etsy and bought a necklace from me. she left me a most lovely message. she told me that my work spoke to her as a storyteller. Niki also asked me about my journals and thought of ordering one from me. After the necklace arrived, she wrote to me again and told me that she had wore it everyday since ... it assisted her in her storytelling and that people loved it! isn't it lovely to hear something like that said of your work? my heart was smiling :) 

the journal was next. she wanted something that said travels, stories, taking flight and definitely, a blood red heart. she loved my red hearts. and so, i made her, Tales from Faraway ... which was shipped to her last month.

handmade books

2 days ago Niki wrote to me again. she had attached 2 photos with the message. she wrote, "I have made an artwork that combines my body and your artwork...I hope you don't mind...it says something about how deeply your image speaks to my soul" 

i was floored when i saw the photos. they spoke deep within me. the marriage of her body and my art was the highest compliment i have ever received. she wanted to carry my artwork within her like it was part of her body, her psyche. WOW! i felt, at that very moment, that something special has happened ... she has weaved our souls together.

later, she told me what it meant to her : I call it "My Body, My Compass" because I think the body is often a wiser guide than the mind...my body reminds me that I am part of nature and I follow its natural cycles, it reminds me that I have limits, it reminds me that I need to nourish myself in the most ordinary ways, it reminds me that I am tender, that I live and shine but will also fade and die. Your assemblage brings to my body a sense of adventure, a central passion, a connectedness to the four winds, a passion for flight and journeying. So I am held between adventure and passion and vulnerable, tender humanity.

moments like these, are magical moments. it'll stay with me for a long long time ...

*Niki Pidd is an actor/storyteller who lives in Melbourne, Australia. You can find her at her Facebook page Storytelling : Hearth Tales

Jun 14, 2012

some work : some play

i have been desperately trying to fill up my shop with more pieces amidst orders and i realized, wow, it IS pretty difficult! i envy those who have like 3 pages of choices on etsy when i can't even fill one. maybe i'm just a slow worker. but i am glad that i have found a way to balance orders with creating new stuff. i've decided that after every 2 or 3 orders, i will let myself play a bit (tho sometimes "a bit" becomes "quite a bit" :p )

it's amazing how the Harry Potter canon have left such a deep impression on so many including myself. believe it or not, i am still taking orders for my HP inspired books and jewelry. and this week it was 2 Quidditch Handbooks orders, which i'd completed ... YAY!

and then i allowed myself to play a bit ... well, QUITE a bit actually ...

the first piece i made was this Simplicity bracelet. i have been so in love with artisan ceramic beads lately. and this lady's work just makes my heart swoon. aren't Gaea's beads just lovely! i mean, you don't need much to go with them, they just speak for themselves. here's her shop - Gaea Handmade ... tho be warned ... everything is "reserved"!! you gotta book her beads ahead of time!

Storytime was next. i had earlier made 3 pieces in this configuration ... long necklaces which i felt were slightly sexy ;), yet still quite elegant. 2 have been sold so i thought "OOO .. i wanna make another :)" that square 1 cent Malaysian coin has King George V's head on it ... never knew this coin even existed before i found a bunch of them in an antique shop.
Oh ... you gotta love this one! inspired by the mini series that took the world by storm since it first released Season 1 about 2 years ago? this modern take on Sherlock Holmes is just brilliant in every way, and Benedict Cumberbatch must be the best Sherlock i've ever seen! 

i have been watching it on DVD now for at least 3 times. can you tell i am irrevocably SHER-LOCKED? well, i'm glad i'm not the only one ... cos this was sold within 10 minutes of listing. and in the very words of Michelle - "I'm not letting this one get away! :p"

here are some of the other pieces that i've been revamping and relisting again ... all photo manipulated, just for fun :) 

From top left clockwise : Seed of Maia (Bohemian) . Immortal II & Eternal II . Broken Wings II.  

Busy aren't i? ;)

Jun 1, 2012

time for play

this week was a fantastic week creatively. the baby was very good so i was able to populate my shop. took a break from commissions and just 'made things' with no directions in mind. thank you so much for all your kind comments on my previous post. tho i can't always reply you guys but know that i treasure all your words and they make me very very happy! i used to have so much time for blogging, visiting and commenting. but these perks are few and far between now. even so, i feel that i'm spending too much time on the computer and too little time on the house and kids, and even less time making art. that is why this week was great!! i manage to list 3 pieces in my shop and taking into consideration these were made one after another, they can't be more different in theme.  

Tattered Rose began with a tiny heart. i wanted to make something that complemented a previous cuff i had made called Lost in Time, so i found another bezel and housed the heart within it.

when i feel romantic, i want to play with fibers and lace. lots of them. so i worked fibers around the bezel. and then, out of the corner of my eyes, i saw the edge of my old crocheted tablecloth hanging out of the drawer ... it was a long edge. and what do you do with a long tablecloth edge? make a neck sash i guess.

this next piece was something i had in mind for quite a while. well, at least the cover of the book ... i had often pictured such a cover in my mind. so i stamped out some epoxy clay, aged it and attached it to a miniature book.

i didn't have any directions in mind for this. none. i just took the next thing on my table and added. when the piece was finished, i took one look at it and thought "Mary Magdalene". and so, it was destined to be the Book of Mary.

the final pair of earrings ... hahaha!! ... came to mind becos i've been bombarded with so many Sherlock Holmes and Benedict Cumberbatch's photos, fan-art, videos and manips on Tumblr, that i just had to make something out of it.

Elementary, my dear Watson ;)