May 4, 2012


this has been a great week ... a romantic week. before i say goodbye to romance and welcome dark magic, i thought i should blog about the romance that's been in the air.

last month, a customer wanted me to do a journal commission for her as a gift to her friend. she explained that her fren likes to write poems. so this journal would be for her poems. she wanted something close to one of my older works Je T'aime Forever, something romantic and ornate. 

i managed to find a beautiful escutcheon and layered it with other filigrees.

with a collage of old postcards as side panels, a heart and a barrel key, this journal emerged. i totally fell in love with it. it is not often that love at first sight happens in a commission piece. but it happened to this piece. immediately, the song "My Heart Will Go On" popped into my head  ... so naturally,  this became the name of the journal too.

the romance lingered. i let it, as i continued to play with hearts. i'm doing that a lot lately ... using a lot of hearts in my work. it must be reflecting something in my consciousness. do you have a favourite symbolic element that you like to use in your works? and do you ever wonder why you keep using it at that point in time?

anyhow, i was twiddling with a small heart and i absentmindedly put it into a bezel. i liked the look so i went further. i nested it and put a rusty wire mesh over the bezel.

at first, i really didn't know what to do with it. out of boredom, i took some photos and did some simple manipulation with the GIMP. i loved the tone and mood of it.

then last night, i decided that it needed to be on a romantic, turn of century inspired something. i whipped out an old faded jean seam, the old crocheted table cloth with some other stuff and started putting them together with no particular design in mind.

i was literally 'Lost in Time' ... it was just liberating to let go.

and so the heart in a bezel now has a home on a cuff bracelet. this would probably be the last of my romantic streak for the moment. this morning i received an email from a customer asking me how his commission was coming along ... i told him that i shall be starting his next week. i needed some time just to allow the 'romance' to ease off before i can immerse into the realms of dark magic (his commission is an evil Book of Shadows, inspired by HP Lovecraft)

that email conversation made me realize suddenly that i do need the time to get out from one realm, before i can get into another. just like i did when i was doing TV work, i needed to get out from one character before i can take on another character/role. i was a little surprised that it felt exactly the same. now that, was pretty cool!


  1. Wow your cuff is out of this world gorgeous, you are one talented artist and your creations never cease to amaze me. WONDERFUL once again. Tracy x

  2. You did such an incredible work with that journal,I'm sure the girl will be amazed with it.

  3. Oh Luthien... such a beautiful journal, and an inspired cuff. You are unstoppable.

  4. These works are so beautiful....hate to see you leaving the romance so soon!
    When I saw the journal on FB (I think?) it just GRABBED ME and would not let go.
    I can't think of any better description....


  5. Wow! Incredible.
    So fun to see what you are up to.

  6. beautiful stuff as always! I can't wait to see your next project sounds really cool!you have the best scraps of things too..:O)

  7. Your amazing and beautiful work leaves me speechless. Just viewing online takes the breath away and lifts the spirit. I think being able to actually hold a piece in my hands would take me to heaven.

  8. I can completely understand that you have to be 'in role' to make the craft. It's the first time I've seen the concept written down, but as soon as I read your post, I knew what you meant.

  9. Ah ~ your work is also SO gorgeous and inspiring! Yes... it seems mine is stars although they don't appear in my work, you can find them all around my home ~ I especially adore the multiple armed ones like the one I have in my blog banner. ;-)

  10. I adore your art as it is so breathtaking. And I adore Lovecraft as well:)

  11. Luthien - this romantic journal is exceptional - so stunning! Love the collage of the postcards!
    And then the cuff - just enchanting. The relatively wide grid of the mesh makes me think of a heart in a window. Wonderful work.
    But - I can't wait to see what happens when you delve into dark magic....

  12. Luthien Your creations just make my heart sing. Your journal is absolutely breathtaking and so too your cuff.
    Both such beautiful art pieces that you have put your heart into.
    Hugs from downunder.

  13. Luthien what exquisite work! Your cuff is to die for! Obviously you are feeling wonderful and creative again, it is shining through your work. Here's to health and creativity!

  14. L-what better use for old jeans and table clothes etc. As one who likes to recycle material I am always in awe of how you manage to crete according to themes and inspirations. The journal and caged heart are up there; but the cuff is just inspired. As others have said we now await the dark art series. Go well. B

  15. Oh my goodness!!!! I am also in love with this journal!!! Your cuff turned out fantastic!

  16. Im in love with that cuff! :D

  17. Ooooooh, the journal is STUNNING! I'm so jealous of the new owner! And the cuff is simply incredible. Your artistry is unmatched!

  18. Ooooh! Lucky I discovered your blog. Your work is incredible!! I've been sitting here (for too long now) visiting your posts, and I'm in total awe over your stunning creations!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful things! The journal for the poems is probably my favourite of all the ones I've seen you make - absolutely breath-taking, and includes all my favourite things!

    I definitely find that I'm drawn to certain symbols repeatedly; it is interesting what our subcoscious chooses to focus on. I'm glad yours is currently focussed on hearts and romance, though I think your "evil book of shadows" sounds rather fabulous too! x

  20. Stunning journal, gorgeous cuff! What a talent you are, Luthien. xox

  21. This is amazing! Would you be willing to make another one? Lock and key - this is exactly what I was looking for

    1. hi Kim,
      Thank you! So sorry this message just appeared on my email! If you are still interested in the book please email me @


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