May 28, 2012

Darkness Rising

the past couple of weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride for me. between me and Maia, we had high fever for 2 weeks. started with me having another episode of a plugged duct. those of you who have breastfed would probably know what it is and how painful it can be. after that cleared Maia had her fever. really high fever like 40C for about 3 days before bursting into millions of tiny pink rashes called Roseola Infantum. and then the fever made a U-turn back to moi ... this time with a vengeance. i was practically lying in bed for a good 6 days with a backache that makes first trimester pregnancy, pale in comparison! (i had a perpetual backache then too). Man ... i have never had that bad a backache, which radiated all the way to my toes! they even had me do a blood test to test for Dengue fever cos the fever didn't seem to wanna go away and i'm popping paracetamol like a drug addict. but thank goodness ... it did go. finally. after a week. 

and i could work again. commissions that should have been finished 2 weeks ago were added to the 'now' commissions, and rushing is no fun. but ... i did managed to come up with a journal that i'm quite pleased with :) remember my dark magic journal that's supposed to be inspired by Lovecraft? well ... Lovecraft didn't happen cos i just couldn't wrap my finger around that world. perhaps becos i haven't read that world. so i made a decision to make the Grimoire inspired by another world ... one that i have read. and i read all 5 books in 7 days :) it's by the author Karen Marie Moning and this was her Fever Series. just can't get away from fevers now can i?!

Darkness Rising was inspired by the concept of a book called Sinsar Dubh in the Fever Series. 
as an act of atonement, the Unseelie King poured all of his dark side into a single Book, sealed it and promised never to unleash this darkness into the world ever again. In time, the Book was forgotten. But IT did not forget. As eons passed, the Book took on a life of its own and then, it was ready, to unleash itself into the world

The central motif was derived from a pair of wings which the “Unseelie King in the series was said to have possessed. The wings were then stylized and made into the motif you see, and then hand-sculpted with clay to achieve a 3D effect.

i think if i'd forced a Lovecraft, i wouldn't be truly satisfied with it. but i loved how this turned out ... becos i knew where this was coming from, i could immerse myself in that world, and it was real for me. the creative process is always more enjoyable when you're comfortable with what you're doing.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you've been poorly. We've had tonsillitis in this house (my son) and a cold (me), but not quite on the same scale of drama as you!!

    This is a beautiful piece - always are!

    I am reading a series of books you may like by Julia Kagawa

    They are a bit teenage... but then again... so was Twilight ;)

    I'm reading the Iron Fey series, but it looks like she writes vampire stuff too. Did you love Vampire Diaries?? Swoon... Damon....

  2. OMG!!!! I had the fever for the Fever series, too! Oh, Barrons!! :-)

  3. i am so sorry that you and maia were so very ill... glad to know that your health is on an upturn... i give you credit for doing this work - you must be drained...
    the journal is a testament to your abilities and vision -

  4. Sorry to ear that both you and your daughter have been I'll, so pleased you have made a recovery and hope you are feeling 100% very soon. Your creation is out of this world creative as always. Fabulous. Tracy x

  5. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I do hope you are both on the mend.

    The journal is stunning.

    I had a back ache such as you describe, I had shingles.

  6. So good to hear you are doing better!!! Sounded quite scary! Love, love your new book! I went and checked what gave you the inspiration and I had a ahhhaaa moment! Now I know why I am so attracted to this kind of art work on book covers.

  7. So glad to hear you are doing better:) I went and checked on the book that gave you the inspiration and I had a ahhhhhaaaa!
    Love, love your book! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  8. So sorry you 2 had to suffer so much. Hope you're on the mend finally.
    Your work is always breath-taking. I love every thing you create.

    Be Well, my friend,


  9. Sounds like after recovering from your fever, you succumbed to a fever of creativity... which resulted in another magnificent book. Beautiful work!!

  10. I'm so sorry that you both have been ill. Glad you and the little one are feeling better now.

    Your new book is brilliant! LOVE it!!

    Sending big hugs,

  11. Waouh, c'est merveilleux!!!

    Love! Love! Love!

    Aux Doigts Agiles

  12. Sounds like you've not been having much fun at all. I'm happy that's behind you and you've produced another masterpiece.

  13. Sorry you and Maia have been so ill. But you've made an amazing piece of art here. Just stunning, as is all your work. Stay well, Carol xox

  14. I love the book and the spine is outstanding...Great job on this...There isn't a piece that you make that isn't outstanding!!

    Hope you & Maia are feeling better...that backache sounds horrid!! Take care & get rest...


  15. Glad you're feeling better. Love, love, love this book!


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