Apr 15, 2012


it's nice to be able to blog again so soon, tho i suspect after this post i'll probably disappear for another 2 weeks or so since i've started taking orders again and intend to begin the frenzy tomorrow. took 4 days off since Thursday ... mostly off exercising actually, cos yours truly here, snapped something in her shoulder Thursday morning getting off bed and could not move her head for the past 4 days. couldn't look down ... not upward pass the thighs anyway. could only see as far as my thunder thighs and the head wouldn't bow any lower UGH! today is better, i could see my tummy :)

but that didn't deter me from making stuff now did it? of course not!! i just have to bring my materials up to eye level! over the weekend i made 3 pairs of asymmetric earrings. relentless! i realized that my last 6 items on etsy were earrings!! i remember there was a time when i just couldn't make earrings and now ... Maire was right she said once you start making them, you can't stop.  

it began with Lost & Found

i love how pretty but simple this pair came out ... sometimes its just freeing not to overthink things and let the energy flow where it wants to go. i didn't even realized that i had made this pair when i finished. that's how zoned out i was ...

and then of course, the smart-alec Otak (Brain in Malay Language) have to stick her nose right back in and i thought ... hmmm ... i wanna make another 2-word-jargon-inspired (whatever you call these idioms) piece.

the next 2 words that popped right in was Torn & Tattered

i could make 'Torn' with torn paper (i thought) but wanted to add something more to just, well ... torn paper. so out came my ever cute miniature music notes, torn and resin-ed into a bundle. and a 'Tattered' linen and lace bundle was the match.

i often find myself pretty unpredictable ... and that's how my creative energy flows too. Perhaps an attribute of my Piscean nature? 2 fishes swimming in different directions simultaneously. and so after all the old-world-oh-so-sweet-and-romantic-lalala, Otak decides to start a rebellion.

and the result is this dark and goth Angel & Demon!

would anyone even want to wear something like this!? 
'Angel' was easy-peasy to assemble, but 'Demon' ... hrmph!! true to his nature ... it took me treble the time to assemble him, dismantling and assembling at least three times before i was satisfied! little troublemaker!

anyhow, i am quite pleased with how this pair turned out ... 'art'-wise ... but wearability-wise ... hmmm ... i guess they are for very special, especially rebellious occasions :p 

ok ok ... i'll stop now ... a bit chatty today aren't we ...


  1. I hope you get better:)
    Your work is Amazing! I am in Ahh everytime I look at your work.
    You are truly a talented artist!

  2. Its so wonderful to see your amazing work again...oooh I could just spend hours here.hugs,Cat

  3. Your creations are allways so unique and classy.
    I love the hearts, this really looks great

  4. Yes I love a bit of Goth, truly amazing earrings and keep looking after your mind and soul.

  5. Your creations are always so inspiring and other-worldly! I'm sorry to hear you were feeling lousy these past several days but relieved to see you chose to make the best of it ~ here's wishing you a much healthier week ahead♥

  6. L-hope the neck is way better and that you are able to see a lot more of the world. The creative activity would have taken you mind off the stiffness etc. I love how you approach your creation with some form of inspiration - books, emotions and here the asymmetrical words balances - it has resulted in some really quirky ying-yang pieces; and I can imagine folk who want that sense of options in life would want these pieces. Go well earring maestro, B

  7. Just love your earrings!! sorry to hear about your shoulder!One of these days I would like to purchase a pr of your earrings. I especially like Angels and Demons.

  8. Assymetric is so cool. You are actually unstoppable Luthien, despite injuries.

  9. It's wonderful to have commissions, but you know that it does sometimes block the creative juices. But we do have to pay the bill huh! My neck does the same thing - all that looking down working on your work is hell on the spine. I have to see the Chiropractor every now and again. Be careful. Love the earrings! At least they don't take as long as the books... I would think.

  10. Everything is as lovely as always. And so romantic and gothic, too!

  11. I love everything you make and will certainly wear Demon (and not think twice about it lol). Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh Luthien that sounds so painful...I hope you are feeling better, Hon.... It sure didn't slow your creativity down any!!! Beautiful work as always...I especially like the earrings with the music sheet and lace...very elegant in a tattered way...:)

    Have a much more healthier week..


  13. I usually only wear sleepers (99percent of the time) BUT i would wear any of these delicious earrings. Must be the hidden rebel in me LOL
    Hope you heal quickly.


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