Mar 10, 2012

how do you want to live your life?

i've been away for too long wow! how time flies. many things have happened which contributed to my long absence. well, it started with one evening after driving Llara home from school. upon returning home, i felt light headed and realized that i was walking towards the left side even if i intended to walk straight. then i felt pins and needles on my left arm. man ... i panicked! i thought i was about to go into a stroke or a heart attack or something like that!! Jason took me to the doctor's and the dr did a couple of tests including blood pressure, blood sugar and the tandem walk on me. everything turned out alright and i was diagnosed with either being overly tired or having an anxiety attack. but that scare was enough for me to do a full body check up the next couple of days. results came back and i had really high cholesterol levels!! to cut the story short, in the next week a treadmill arrived, and a total change in diet and lifestyle. 

it's now about 2.5 weeks since i made this change. i have been walking on the treadmill 30-40 minutes a day, everyday and eating a lot more greens and oats, whilst cutting down meat. i've dropped 4kgs in weight (have about 11kgs more to go) and feeling a lot more energetic. i hope i'm doing it right. in 3 months i will go for another check up and see if i have managed to cut my cholesterol levels. i have refused medication for now, becos i wanted to do it the natural way ... eating and living right.

in the midst of all this, my Muse deserted me. i was in a creative drought for about 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!! but good thing she returned ... i think she was stressed up too. so i forgave her :) 

when she returned, we mused about Spring (i know it's not here yet, but i'm in anticipation!) ... and it occurred to me that Spring was befitting my current situation ... it's a time to renew, regrow and rejuvenate. time to make a change, and be born again, hopefully healthier and more conscious of how i want to live.

... first blooms ...

... young love ...

 ... youth ...

... how do you want to live your life ...

 ... restoring balance ...


  1. i was beginning to get concerned... i am so happy that your health scare was something that you can manage... well done on the life style changes - best of luck meeting your goals...
    the new work is soft and optimistic... and yes, spring inspired... love the final pair of earrings...

  2. So very glad to see you back ... missed you, I did. Even gladder that the problem is something you can take care of and that you're being good to yourself. Of course your muse was panicked! She can't do anything without you! :)

    Your new work is fascinating and stunning as usual. It's probably a good thin I don't live near you. I'd probably spend all my free time (not that there's a whole lot of THAT) just touching and examining your pieces.

    Looking forward to more ... good news and new work.

    Good thoughts your way - always...

  3. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. It will go a long way to lowering your cholestrol numbers. Your moving your body and thats wonderful we tend for get our body was built to move. Just keep moving don't let those excuses creep in which they can after the first two weeks enthusiasm can fall away. Keep watching what you eat. Fill your plate halfway with veggies then the rest. WATER drink water! Helps to fill an empty stomach AND wash away impurities. Water is your best friend. :) Hugs! deb

  4. ~no need to tell me what a health scare can do to change ones way...ones perspective on how they wish to live...i am so thankful you are alright...pins and needles...light headed...scary indeed...been there...i commend you for taking a natural approach and doing things to nourish your body and mind...taking action to ensure you will be here for many many more years ahead...for your littles and love who need you...may you continue on this healthier path...and as for your spring muse coming in for a emerging in the most delicate of ways...beautiful my dear well and do continue to take care of yourself just as you love light and blessings be with you always~

  5. Great to see some more amazing jewellery, lovin' the wrap bracelet and the music earrings, great detail. Sorry to hear about your health problems, a girl I used to work with had high cholesterol and she was tiny! People don't realise that it's nothing to do with your weight but what your body is doing on the inside and how and where it's storing fat cells.
    I don't know if you can access the BBC Iplayer because they recently did a program called the truth about exercise showing how certain exercise patterns are more effective than others for improving your health, and it was very surprising.

  6. Your muse came back with a vengeance! All the pieces are fantastic!!
    My dad helps keep his cholesterol down by drinking a cup of green tea everyday. It has made a huge difference he says. Good luck! I have faith that you can do it! <3

  7. So happy that you are feeling better! I experienced my first panic attack when I was 35 year old (something to do with hormones or something) and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I was sure that I was dying of some dread disease. Good for you for the treadmill purchase (I have a love/hate relationship with mine but it has been instrumental in helping me to lose my excess pounds) and the weight loss. By the way, am LUVING your spring line. Your artistic "eye" is amazing!

  8. Absolutely stunning each and every one, love the last pieces, very striking. Good news that you can sort things out naturally, my thoughts are with you and sending you a big HUG. Tracy x

  9. I'm glad you're OK ~ what a scare!!
    Beautiful pieces ~

  10. You have some very interesting designs! I love your use of mixed textures. Great work!

  11. your jewelry is fantastic as always! I love stopping to see what you've made! beautiful work! :O)

  12. I was wondering about you. So glad it was something so mild and you can manage the natural way. Sometimes our body rings the alarm and force us to reconsider many things!
    Be strong!

  13. Sounds like you caught this are on the right track. Your creativity has definitely returned.


  14. Wow, what a scare! I'm so glad you're ok and on a healthier path ~ you & your creativity are too precious in this world! So happy to hear your muse returned too ~ I know she's as necessary as any medicine!

  15. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself - reminds me, that I should be doing more of that myself... and good for you for going at the root of the problem and not just taking medication!
    Your new pieces are gorgeous and I am loving those earrings!!! Fabulous.

  16. I'm so glad everything turned out well and you're going to be okay. I'm also happy to hear that you have begun a Lifestyle Change that will benefit you greatly. I too have been moving in that direction and trying to stay on track. I'm also glad you're over your Creative Drought because your Art is always so Inspirational and Amazing!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. L-so there were lots of us worrying and wondering about what might be happening with you - and it turns out we were right to worry. But the good news is you are on the way to not only recovery but a new reinvigorated you - an doing it the natural way to deal with the causes. I think the muse often knows when we have enough to deal with and just leaves us alone for a while. But you are right back on track creating energy and meaning filled pieces. Go well and be well. B

  18. Ah so glad to see you back, I too was worrying where you were! The dreaded Cholesterol thingy!!! Well I know what thats like just awaiting my blood results to see how mine is doing, along with my blood pressure I really need a treadmill myself, I have been trying to get more active, started walking to work when I can, got to cut out my favourites as well, slow progress must keep going!!

    You must keep it up too, you are doing really well and so relieved your Muse has returned also, they do tend to leave you when your not right!!

    Loving the new jewellery I too love the earrings. Fab!

    Love and hugs to you.

    E x

  19. This is just WOW!
    I love the book-pendant

  20. I have popped in and out, waiting for more wonderment but nothing... I am so glad to see you back and to find you are on the road to your recovery of you and your health. I still adore all that you make. You are SO talented.
    Love nad Light

  21. So happy to hear you are on the mend! How frightening that must have been for you! Eating healthier and getting exercise is always a really good thing. I hope that your health continues to improve. The new pieces are gorgeous, as always. Take care!

  22. Man how did let this post slip by me. I'm glad you are on the road to better health and feeling your muse again. I should be exercising myself instead of being on this computer, but you know we don't get it till someone/something slaps us up side the head! I've run out of adjectives to describe the glorious pieces you make - all so different and enchanting. My eyes are happy!

  23. So glad you got checked right away.
    Love your new pieces especially the bracelet.

  24. That must have been very scary. Glad your taking care of yourself and that your muse returned.

  25. You go girl! I am so proud of you for taking the bull by the horns. Congratulations on seeing an improvement so quickly. You have to take care of yourself cuz those little ones need their momma and of course Jason.I love your jewelry and the book is fabulous!


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