Mar 19, 2012

The Pulse of Mixed Media

today i went to the post office in anticipation. 
today the book i ordered finally arrives from 
today i walk afloat like there's wind underneath my soles. 
today i saw with my very own eyes, my work on the page of a book.

so ... this is how it feels to be 'published' ^.^

The Pulse of Mixed Media by Seth Apter is a book about the inner workings of artists. within those pages they share their inner most secrets and passions, and what make them the artists they are. the first 2 sections highlight 31 accomplished mixed media artists, their works and their inner worlds. the last section of the book features another 103 artists and their works, from all over the world. and that's where you'll find lil ole me :) 

i still remember Seth calling for art submissions ... that must have been about 17 months ago becos i remember i just had Maia and she's now 17 months old :) i thought i won't make it for the selection, and i didn't for the first part of Q&A, but just about managed for the submission of the artwork part. 

i feel so blessed that Seth gave me my first opportunity to be in a book, HIS book. you know what they say about firsts ... they stay in your heart for the rest of your life :)

Mar 10, 2012

how do you want to live your life?

i've been away for too long wow! how time flies. many things have happened which contributed to my long absence. well, it started with one evening after driving Llara home from school. upon returning home, i felt light headed and realized that i was walking towards the left side even if i intended to walk straight. then i felt pins and needles on my left arm. man ... i panicked! i thought i was about to go into a stroke or a heart attack or something like that!! Jason took me to the doctor's and the dr did a couple of tests including blood pressure, blood sugar and the tandem walk on me. everything turned out alright and i was diagnosed with either being overly tired or having an anxiety attack. but that scare was enough for me to do a full body check up the next couple of days. results came back and i had really high cholesterol levels!! to cut the story short, in the next week a treadmill arrived, and a total change in diet and lifestyle. 

it's now about 2.5 weeks since i made this change. i have been walking on the treadmill 30-40 minutes a day, everyday and eating a lot more greens and oats, whilst cutting down meat. i've dropped 4kgs in weight (have about 11kgs more to go) and feeling a lot more energetic. i hope i'm doing it right. in 3 months i will go for another check up and see if i have managed to cut my cholesterol levels. i have refused medication for now, becos i wanted to do it the natural way ... eating and living right.

in the midst of all this, my Muse deserted me. i was in a creative drought for about 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!! but good thing she returned ... i think she was stressed up too. so i forgave her :) 

when she returned, we mused about Spring (i know it's not here yet, but i'm in anticipation!) ... and it occurred to me that Spring was befitting my current situation ... it's a time to renew, regrow and rejuvenate. time to make a change, and be born again, hopefully healthier and more conscious of how i want to live.

... first blooms ...

... young love ...

 ... youth ...

... how do you want to live your life ...

 ... restoring balance ...