Jan 26, 2012


of late i have been feeling a little tired. after rushing out so many commissions in such a short time and then prepping for Chinese New Year, it really did take a toll on me... more mentally than anything else actually. made me think that perhaps i should stop taking commissions for a bit and just go back to making some ... well, thingamajigs ... or, whatever-i-wanted-to-make-without-any-sort-of-expectations. 

taking the 2 weeks or so break during this CNY, gave me a window to kinda mess around. the results were a couple of necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings which you saw a couple of posts ago. also, after 2 frantic days of CNY, i was able to create this chunky cuff, which i really enjoyed making ... which also made me think ... yea ... i want to just make whatever.

this piece i named "I AM" ... even stamped the letter "i" on the key (if you can see it) ...  guess that says it all ... i want to find back the 'artist' in me.

not that my commission pieces are not me ... they definitely are. but they also come with a lot of expectations. tho like Louise of Bibliographica reminded me, sometimes commissions can spark new ideas, which i totally agree. my Palm Size Quidditch Handbook would never have materialized if it was not for a client asking if i could make a Harry Potter inspired journal for her after seeing my HP inspired book necklaces. tho it took me a long time to come up with the design, but in the end, i was delighted with the result. it then morphed into this little baby below.

this little baby must be one of my cutest design :) it even got about 22,000 hits on tumblr... YAY!!!

let's face it, we have bills to pay and commissions do just that ... which i am so grateful for honestly. if i stop doing made-to-orders and commissions, who is gonna pay my bills? that's the dilemma. so the question is ... how do you juggle? any advise?


p/s ... thank you for all the Chinese New Year wishes!! :) another year older ... and hopefully a little wiser ;)


  1. Wow wow wow, stunning creations and both so unique, love them. Hope the juggling works out so you get more creative time for you. Tracy x x

  2. Take it easy Luthien... you don't need to wear yourself out. Your work is absolutley gorgeous, commissioned ot not.

  3. Such beautiful creations, as always. Hope you get a little rest after all the New Year festivities...you deserve it!

  4. I feel your pain with commissions. I never feel as passionate about them I guess because I'm forcing creativity and not just feeling it. If your livelihood depends on your art... well then you're stuck with doing the work so you can pay the bills, if not, then you decide what you will and won't do. I guess I've always wanted my art to be MY ART not what somebody else wanted - it's a slippery slope isn't it? Take a break and do what you love - just balance it either way you'll win! Lovely items as always!!

  5. Lovely new pieces, Luthien. Commissions can feel stifling, because there is expectation at the beginning of the design, not inspiration alone. Maybe the trick is to not take on too many commissions at one time...

  6. ~i have no experience in the commission field...unless family counts...hehehe!!! so words to help are kind of hard to find...but i do know when you create from your heart...these jigymabobs...or however you spelled them above...those are the greatest of creations causes there coming from what lies deep within you...your spirit comes alive and they speak ever so loud of the magic that resides in your heart and mind...may you find a happy balance between the two...cause it truly is beautiful what you do...be well...rest my dear friend and always much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  7. Oh I wish I had a solution for this one myself but I'm in the same dilemma ~ we wouldn't have survived this past month without commissions and yet they are SO exhausting! I guess we just keep going until we can't anymore.
    Love your work as always♥

  8. I think juggling our lives is something many are talking about...It may be the theme to explore this year ...one tip I discovered during the new year was not to set goals...when I did that I started getting to projects I had been listing to do but putting off... psychology is amazing...LOL keep on doing what you are doing that is right for you...whatever it is you do it seems to end up in some amazingly beautiful pieces...
    Have a great weekend Luthien...

  9. Amazing as always! True works of art!

  10. L-congratulations on the popularity of you HP inspired palm journal - I think that really says a lot about how a whole group of people feel about your design work.Re creating for commissions and exhibitions versus creating for yourself - as others have said (Brandi) I find that doing a bit for them and a bit for me works - a a balance - when there is too much commission work do something just for you ("I") - it does not need to be a lot - a little letting go. Go well. B

  11. Your Creations always blow me away... but I can totally understand and relate about taking a hiatus from the Commissioned pieces, I feel the same way, my Creativity is not as free flowing when I have a laundry list of Commissioned work where the outcome has to be specific for each person ordering. Since Creating is my Bliss and I never intended for it to be my Biz I am so much more relaxed without deadlines or having restrictions on the Creative Process just flowing Naturally and effortlessly. Not to mention I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO slow and not at all prolific so it's a lot of pressure to get too many orders. May the Bliss of your Creations now flourish with no boundaries!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Well Luthien ~ dont ask me about juggling because I am rubbish at it, not very organised I'm afraid. I try to juggle between beadmaking and jewellery making thats hard enough let alone commissions. Which I dont get very often really.

    I am not a prolific maker really but I do however, make lots of lists of things to do and tick them off as I do them and try to spend certain days doing one thing so spreading it out over each week you can do different things in each day. If that makes sense!!!

    Hopefully you can do your commissions but also have a day of what you want to make yourself, so you can sort of do some JUGGLING!!

    I know its very hard when the little ones are so young, once they both go to school it does start to get easier!!

    She says! Ha ha!! After taking last year as some 'timeout' because her teenager was going through a difficult time!!

    You never stop being a MUM!!!

    Good Luck with your JUGGLING!!

    E x

  13. Your works are fantastic!
    And happy Chinese New Year

  14. I discover your blog and I really love your art. It's magic


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