Jan 16, 2012

why ... is it 2012 already?

the beginning of 2012 felt like a whirlwind to me ... it still feels like one! Llara started "big girl school" this year and i now have to drive her to and fro school. no longer just hoping into the lift from our condo to the kindie on the 2nd floor ... that, was pretty neat! now i have one more day job added to my resume ... driver + bodyguard! you cannot believe how normally-docile-little-parents can turn into lean-mean-maniacal-driving-machines during dropoffs and pickups at school!! it's totally crazy i can tell you! 

amidst all the happenings, i was still able to complete 12 commissions in 2 weeks (pats oneself on the shoulder) ... i am still amazed at what deadlines can do to you!! ((O_O)) this week tho ... i allowed myself to just chill, let myself wander and create whatever that came to mind ... 

i took out Barry's stash, and again, the copper half capsule-like rod caught my attention. it was quite perfect to begin with, but i thought i wanted to ruffle it up just a bit, and then use it as some sort of time capsule or vessel. and this was the result of it ... 

 i coffee stained a piece of linen and then imprinted a mail stamp using archival black ink and then ironed over it on high heat to set. it's now permanent and would not wash off :) whoot!! you learn a new trick every day! i really rather liked how it turned out ... :)

i liked the mail stamp thingy so much that i made another necklace with the same technique. i think you can see it better on this one :)

these necklaces reminded me of old love letters ... those that were written beautifully and extravagantly, and in impeccable handwriting ... in a time when letters began with "My dearest darling" instead of "yo!" or "hiya!"

it's been a long time since i made earrings, cos i never have the right box for earrings!! anyway i made a pair, with little books hanging off of them :)  will think of the box later when it sells ;)

before i go, let me just show you how 1st day of school looked like ...

Don't the amount of parents frighten you? ((O_O))

and that's my baby girl getting ready for "big girl school" :)


  1. Absolutely fabulous pieces of art, creating wonderful jewellery pieces. As always Luthen, stunning. Your little girl is growing up fast and WOW how many parents!! Happy New Year. Tracy x x

  2. Gorgeous works of art, Luthien!!!

  3. I just can't stop going through your blog and perusing all the beauty that rests there. I've been watching what you make for some time now, but, seriously Luthien, I consistently remain in awe.

    Keep going. I love the moments I steal from your blog ...

  4. I want to move you to Canada! My goodness, that is just scary!!
    LOVE the new pieces! If I ever get my shop going I want to either carry your pieces or have you down to teach some classes! That is the big dream! Hope to make it happen some day... <3

  5. Ok well I guess you have a pass this time for being gone so long. 12 Commissions! How awesome for you! I just load up the backyard with all this junk! SCHOOL.... are you kidding? That doesn't look fun at all!!! Seriously. Your cleaverness is always crazy beautiful.

  6. Love what you did with Barry's copper piece and the use of the mail stamp is fantastic. And those little books... awesome sauce...!!!

  7. I remember when when my youngest started school, she looked so grown up in her uniform and I felt so scared. The book are gorgeous and the earrings are amazing.

  8. ~luthien...ok first off...those pics of your wee little big girls first day of school is INSANE!!! you surely must of had your big girl panties on to tackle such event...hehehe...will it always be so crazy??? hats off to you for taking time to let your muse travel down wondrous paths that lead you to creating once more magical enchanting pieces...i simply adore each one...i couldn't agree more in the way of what writing once was...far more endearing than what we have today...good luck in your mornings and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  9. It is crazy how school is now! I don't remember it being that insane when we were kids!

    ....your new jewelry is gorgeous....a very vintage feel....sweet like romance...

    Happy New Year :)

  10. L-just amazing how quickly kids grow up - and amazing the new responsibilities for parents - but then such a proud moment to see them making their way into the next life stage. Congratulations on completing the big commission - they are always hard things. But the creative muse is there with you in these new pieces. I love secret message pieces. Thanks for the shout. Go well as a taxi driver and artist. B

  11. Wow, I always love your work so much, it's amazing to see how it's evolved over the years! It's also incredible to see how the years have flown by with Llara too, Wow!

    Just signed up for your posting via email so I won't miss a beat now ~ it's my New Years res. for keeping up with friends, LOL!

  12. Wow. You have been busy. Love your new work and just wish I could see it in person sometime.

  13. Aw a new year and a landmark - Llara looks so grown up in her school uniform!

    Love your new pieces, especially the "Love Letters" necklaces - so elegant and romantic!

    And 12 commissions in 2 weeks is ... incredible! Wherevever do you find the energy, I struggle with 2 or 3 lol! More power to you :) xx

  14. 12 commissions in 2 weeks speaks volumes about how amazing your art is, Luthien!! Gorgeous gorgeous!

    Hugs to you!

  15. So love the primitive look of elegance here. Wonderful pieces!


  16. Dont they grow up fast, how grown up she looks too!!

    Love the earrings, I too never seem to get round to making them either. Funny how I am working on some right now as I have my giveaway on my blog/website now and they are earrings.

    You are welcome to come join in!!


    Elaine x

  17. Pendants and earrings are fabulous, Luthien, really beautiful. And so is LLara Kaye, so grown up in that big girl school uniform. I hope she has a lovely time at school. xox

  18. I just discovered your blog and I am amazed..the most wonderful Art to wear I have ever seen! Sometimes I dream of such wonderful jewerly, but I never thought they would exist in real life!!!


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