Jan 26, 2012


of late i have been feeling a little tired. after rushing out so many commissions in such a short time and then prepping for Chinese New Year, it really did take a toll on me... more mentally than anything else actually. made me think that perhaps i should stop taking commissions for a bit and just go back to making some ... well, thingamajigs ... or, whatever-i-wanted-to-make-without-any-sort-of-expectations. 

taking the 2 weeks or so break during this CNY, gave me a window to kinda mess around. the results were a couple of necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings which you saw a couple of posts ago. also, after 2 frantic days of CNY, i was able to create this chunky cuff, which i really enjoyed making ... which also made me think ... yea ... i want to just make whatever.

this piece i named "I AM" ... even stamped the letter "i" on the key (if you can see it) ...  guess that says it all ... i want to find back the 'artist' in me.

not that my commission pieces are not me ... they definitely are. but they also come with a lot of expectations. tho like Louise of Bibliographica reminded me, sometimes commissions can spark new ideas, which i totally agree. my Palm Size Quidditch Handbook would never have materialized if it was not for a client asking if i could make a Harry Potter inspired journal for her after seeing my HP inspired book necklaces. tho it took me a long time to come up with the design, but in the end, i was delighted with the result. it then morphed into this little baby below.

this little baby must be one of my cutest design :) it even got about 22,000 hits on tumblr... YAY!!!

let's face it, we have bills to pay and commissions do just that ... which i am so grateful for honestly. if i stop doing made-to-orders and commissions, who is gonna pay my bills? that's the dilemma. so the question is ... how do you juggle? any advise?


p/s ... thank you for all the Chinese New Year wishes!! :) another year older ... and hopefully a little wiser ;)

Jan 21, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

that's the Mandarin way of saying ...  
Happy Chinese New Year!!

here's little Maia wishing all who celebrate this Lunar festival, a happy and prosperous Dragon year with much abundance, good health, shining luck and delightful dreams come true :)

Jan 16, 2012

why ... is it 2012 already?

the beginning of 2012 felt like a whirlwind to me ... it still feels like one! Llara started "big girl school" this year and i now have to drive her to and fro school. no longer just hoping into the lift from our condo to the kindie on the 2nd floor ... that, was pretty neat! now i have one more day job added to my resume ... driver + bodyguard! you cannot believe how normally-docile-little-parents can turn into lean-mean-maniacal-driving-machines during dropoffs and pickups at school!! it's totally crazy i can tell you! 

amidst all the happenings, i was still able to complete 12 commissions in 2 weeks (pats oneself on the shoulder) ... i am still amazed at what deadlines can do to you!! ((O_O)) this week tho ... i allowed myself to just chill, let myself wander and create whatever that came to mind ... 

i took out Barry's stash, and again, the copper half capsule-like rod caught my attention. it was quite perfect to begin with, but i thought i wanted to ruffle it up just a bit, and then use it as some sort of time capsule or vessel. and this was the result of it ... 

 i coffee stained a piece of linen and then imprinted a mail stamp using archival black ink and then ironed over it on high heat to set. it's now permanent and would not wash off :) whoot!! you learn a new trick every day! i really rather liked how it turned out ... :)

i liked the mail stamp thingy so much that i made another necklace with the same technique. i think you can see it better on this one :)

these necklaces reminded me of old love letters ... those that were written beautifully and extravagantly, and in impeccable handwriting ... in a time when letters began with "My dearest darling" instead of "yo!" or "hiya!"

it's been a long time since i made earrings, cos i never have the right box for earrings!! anyway i made a pair, with little books hanging off of them :)  will think of the box later when it sells ;)

before i go, let me just show you how 1st day of school looked like ...

Don't the amount of parents frighten you? ((O_O))

and that's my baby girl getting ready for "big girl school" :)