Dec 4, 2011

to the Women of (English) Literature

over the week, i suddenly remembered my mom had a very old piece of crocheted table cloth with a huge gash in it, that i feared she most probably would have already thrown it away. but i asked her anyway, and told her if she still had it, i wanted it. she gave me her signature frown (mom will never understand why she has a junk collector for a daughter) and the next day turned up with not one, but 3 pieces of beautiful old crocheted table cloth for me to repurpose!! YAY!!

as Christmas commissions are tailing off, i manage to once again play :) took out all the stash i have plus my mom's tablecloth, now coffee stained ;) ... i made a necklace.

originally,  the chain on the necklace was slightly different. i had initially used a 5 piece rutilated rondelle instead of the copper plate and the phrase. 

but when i looked at it as a whole, it felt 'weight-less'. yes, it was feminine as i meant it to be, but there was no strength in this lady. she looked as if she could disintegrate anytime! and i think women are one of the strongest creatures on this planet, so this feeling just didn't sit well with me. the energy was wrong. could we retain our ability to be feminine and also be strong? definitely.

during the 19th century women were supposed to grow up, get married to a rich man and try to live happily ever after. one woman defied this social norm, and it was her strength within that allowed her to defy all odds and achieve her dream as a novelist. and altho Jane Austen never married ... she's made a mark in the history of literature and paved the way for many future female novelists.

coming back to the necklace, i needed to find its 'strength'. at this point, Barry's half rounded copper plate literally jumped out at me (onto my lap). i looked at it, and nothing can be more perfect for the crowning glory of this piece! i have not had the opportunity to use any of Barry's metals. perhaps unconsciously, i was hoarding on to them. but this time, there was no doubt ... this was it! isn't it amazing how one little change to the necklace can make such a great difference to the energy of the piece? now it has femininity AND strength.

so here's to all the Women of (English) Literature who defied all odds to become what the are. CHEERS!!

before i go, here's to another female writer ... can you guess who? she hails from Gloucestershire, England ...

i bet this could have been the first ever handbook on Quidditch that Hogwarts had, and it should now be sitting in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library ;)


  1. Your playtime has produced a gorgeous piece Luthien. Nice to have you back blogging.

  2. Mi piacciono moltissimo le cose che fai e mi sono iscritta subito al tuo blog, non fosse altro che per la passione sfrenata che anche io ho per la saga di twilight, favolosa!
    Ciao, Monica (italy)

  3. Oh how wonderfull, I know some Harry- Poter fans who would do abouit abything for a book like this.
    Wonderfull done

  4. Oooooh what gorgeousness!! Love the coffee stained fabric and the whole "feminine yet strong" idea! Beautiful composition.

    I can just picture your magical other-worldly book in Hogwart's library too you know - it would look so perfect propped on a shelf there!

  5. I am in love with your book necklaces! I hope you don't mind but I've been playing around with my own version of a book necklace. They are nothing as elaborate or cool as yours but I've been admiring them for so long I just had to try it! I'm making some for christmas presents for my daughter and sister and the librarian I work with!

  6. Luthien,
    I love your enchanting work. But the wonderful thing about your blog is the gorgeous way you photograph your pieces. They are a work of art in and of itself.



  7. Luthien, your book necklaces are divine. I love the flowing lines you create with wire.
    And the Quidditch book - well, just fantastic!

  8. L- your attention to detail is so creative and individualistic. And I love the way you connect your pieces to literature and history. LOL when I read about your mum and you being a collector (of junk!!!). Thanks for the shout out about the bits shared. Love the idea of the copper bit giving the piece and the statement it made adde strength - the strength of base metals. Go well. B

  9. Your work leaves me breathless!!

  10. Absolutely stunning as always, Luthien. Your work is just as magical as the authors who inspired it.

  11. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. Wow Luthien, you blew me away again. I just cannot get over how you have blossomed into such an amazing artist right before our eyes. I am in love with your work. Absolutely in love with it.

    I hope you are enjoying your holiday season. I am sure Llara has been in or will be in something special for this time of year.

    Hugs dear friend,

  13. You could not have made a better tribute to such a wonderful lady and author...she is one of my favorites!! Loved how you infused strength and softness in this...Such GORGEOUS just keep getting better!! Bravo!!

    Linda XO

  14. Stength within...that's perfect.
    You continue to inspire me Luthien.

  15. Every time I visit your blog, you inspire me with your creations. I would recognize your work a mile away.
    Your Quidditch book looks awesome, Luthien and the book necklaces are to die for!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Advent Season!

    Hugs, Gaby


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