Dec 25, 2011

old, new, borrowed, blue

first up ... wishing all my blogging friends a Very Merry Christmas!! some of you are just about starting Christmas day and some are probably doing Christmas dinner already. how amazing that technology has made it possible for people all over the globe with 12,18, 24 hours difference in time, to share Christmas day like we were neighbours :)

today's a slightly lazy Christmas day for me as i am unfortunately down with a flu, but i just couldn't bear being in bed for the rest of the day. so i thot perhaps i should write something for Inspiration Avenue's Challenge theme set by Priti Lisa ... "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" ... what a lovely theme!

this necklace i made at the beginning of last week, tho not solely for this challenge but fits perfectly, i thought.

“Starting with Forever” combines the likely with the unlikely, the light and the dark … it amalgamates the fragile and beautiful with the lethal. All of these elements coexist to strengthen each other’s energies, so that they may stand the test of … Eternity. Not unlike the love between a mortal and an immortal.

something old ... an old salvage gear, an old watch face, an old tablecloth and an old metal spike.

something new ... let's see, the beige linen, the brass findings and the book are all new ... but knowing me, new things become old pretty quickly with the help of some coffee and paint :)


something borrowed ... the name of this piece "Starting with Forever" is borrowed ... a phrase from a book/movie ... do you have an idea which one? ;) bet you do ...

something blue ... the overriding color of this piece is blue, and neutral of course. tho i did wanted to make it pink in the beginning, but becos of the paradoxes that reside within this piece, i thought blue would be a better color for binding together the "thought" behind this, and the "creation". 
pink would have been too ... cliche.


  1. It's amazing Luthien, and perfect for the challenge! I love reading about your thought processes too, especially the duality/paradoxes you're often inspired by.

    I agree, I much prefer the blue here to pink - pink would be too girly for this piece I think, and blue can represent true love and loyalty :)

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas - have a lovely day sweetie!
    Angie xxx

  2. so beautiful Luthien, sorry to hear you are down with the flu. hope you feel better soon. hope you enjoy the holidays. It is always glad to visit you.

  3. Merry Christmas my friend! Holiday Flu bug no fun - do feel better soon. Beautiful bracelet - I think these should start being worn by all the actors on these Twilight shows and fairy tales... don't you? They'd be so mystical and magical they'd be perfect.

  4. Hope you feel better soon ~

    This is gorgeous!!

  5. Hey Luthien sorry for the flu bot yeah for the WOW necklace, This is my first venture using my new laptop. Seriously cool Luthien this is great art and perfect for the challenge this week!!! Shel

  6. Merry Christmas, Luthien. Hope you chase the flu bug out real quick. Your new piece is stunning - love the versatility (necklace/cuff) of it and those layers... sigh!

  7. L-stunning piece - love the small old spike - great weight and balance. Sorry to hear you are dealing with the flu - hope you are over that soon. Thanks for the Christmas greetings - a community then quiet family day was had by F and I. It is grand that we can all reach out to each other including at this time of the year. May you and your family go well. B

  8. Another beautiful piece Luthien. So well balanced (and photographed). There is always a little mystery attached to your work. Have a wonderful New Year.

  9. Wow, these are gorgeous, I love the cuff!

  10. Your piece is awesome! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are feeling better! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  11. May you soon be feeling 100%... Loving your New Creation! May 2012 bring abundant Blessings, rich Memories and endless Possibilities to you.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Happy New Year Luthien! I hope you are feeling better by now...I saw on facebook that you were published and so YAY! Congratulations on that, what a great way to end the year.
    This piece is exquisite! I love that you can also wear it on your wrist. I am so glad you linked it to the challenge, it is exactly what I was hoping to see...a thoughtful, meaningful extension of your soul. ♥♥♥Lisa

  13. Love your work! aWESOME!
    Happy New Year!

  14. This is such a lovely thoughtful piece, full of depth and texture... such a great interpretation of the topic...xx

  15. They are just gorgeous pieces. That cuff! I love it!


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Luthien :)