Nov 12, 2011

twilight ballet

i often tell my frens, depending on the time of the year, i'm a Witch, an Elf, a Narnian Queen or a Vampire. so if you think about it ... i'm actually shapeshifter. i shape shift according to what's on the blockbuster ;) and now it's time to shape shift once again. it's time to turn into an Immortal :) call me Ms Cullen ;)

ok ok ... i am shameless i know! but my kids are too young to know that their mommy is shamelessly a Twi-fan. (and a Potter fan, and a Narnia fan and an elf living in Middle Earth) ... so i'm safe!

being a Fantasy genre fan, i am anxiously anticipating the premier of Breaking Dawn 1, which will be on the 18th Nov. i probably won't get to catch it on premier night unless the cosmic energy is smiling upon me, but i am trying very hard to bribe my MIL to come babysit baby Maia so i can sneak off to watch Breaking Dawn the week after premier :)

and of course, whenever there's Fantasy amidst, the Muse wants to play.  inspired by 3 main storylines that attract me in the Twilight Saga, i have come up with a series of 3 wearable book necklaces. Here's the Twilight Pas De Trois (Pas de Trois is a term i learned in Ballet ... it's a dance by 3 people)

each of these pieces is a personal interpretation of the 3 storylines using the symbol of the Heart as the underlying theme.

I Do symbolizes the point in time where Bella and Edward give their self(s) to each other. the wedding is the confirmation of Bella’s willingness to give up her mortality to the man she loves. the wedding also marks the point where Edward in actuality gives up his comfortable and solitary life to a shared existence, for better or for worse. he knows that this path would not be an easy one for it may cost his and his family’s existences, but is still willing to take the risks for the mortal he loves.

Choose Me symbolizes the constant pain and struggle of Jacob Black. a wolf trapped and bound in a man, not of his choosing but of his heritage. his heart trapped and bound, at his own choosing when he chose to love a person who cannot reciprocate, yet he is willing and would even sacrifice his life for her. raw and rustic, yet true and righteous is this man-wolf.

The Royal Coven is a manifestation of extravagance, royalty, opulence and indulgence. it is regal but cold, it is ornate yet stylish. but mostly, it is passionate, yet … there is no compassion, as symbolized by the dagger striking straight into the Heart. the large rough Garnet nugget also depicts this coven's carnal blood-lust. it is the embodiment of the Volturi. 

there you go! my twi pieces :) now off to bribe the MIL ;)


  1. Oh WOW, inspirational, love your description too. You are very talented. Tracy x x

  2. One word I can only manage to say (as otherwise speachless).... STUNNING!!! x

  3. thanks to Sue Roddis and Tracy I have discovered your blog. what a joy. will be back often!

  4. Luthien, these are gorgeous works of art truly from the heart! xo

  5. Hi Luthien! I, too, love the Twilight Saga books and films. You have really captured their essence through these beautiful pieces. :) Hope you and yours have a happy weekend!

  6. Your imagination and talent are so inspiring. Wonderful, wonderful work, Luthien. Just incredible.

  7. My you have been busy. You know I think you should send an email to Stephanie Meyer and show her these... and while you're at RPatz, Kristen and Taylor. Bet they'd love to see them!

    Are you aware of You'd love it there - a fantasy art and writing site.

  8. L- I just love the way your reading is transformed into your art - with each peace being connected to persons and place. Beautiful wearable books. B

  9. Don't hate me but I haven't watched Harry Potter or Twilight, but really I don't have to to see the beauty created in every peace you do. I don't know where you find all these trick little ornamentation's but every book it always just over the top fantabulous!

  10. I am a big Potter fan and just watched the second Twilight this week and am already a big fan!! These pieces are just beautiful!! and the fact that you relate them to something you enjoy and love is reflected...

    Linda XO

  11. Luthien, I just found you today, and I am completely enamored with you and your designs!! I am touched the the complete intensity of it all and I can't wait to see more! You are amazing! If it had not been for your guest post on the LMAJ blog I may never have found you!

    Thanks for sharing your amazing art!

    Marie of Skye Jewels

  12. I so love reading your posts, Luthien! I love the symbolism and meaning behind your pieces. Everything you make is a masterpiece! You are an inspiration.

  13. OMG! I am so in love with your creations, the symbolism and each and every intricate detail! It is true art from the heart and those little hearts capture mine!
    Love and hugs,


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