Nov 27, 2011

aged beauty

some of you might know that i belong to a team called Inspiration Avenue, altho i haven't been active in the team for a long time now ... since i had health issues when i was pregnant with baby Maia. but 2 weeks ago, Shel sent me a message via facebook and asked if i wanted to host one of their coming weekly challenges. i said yes :) so this week at Inspiration Avenue, my challenge was themed Aged Beauty. so me isn't it? the "aged" part especially ;)

now being the host, of course i had to come up with something to show tomorrow (Sunday noon is usually the deadline). in fact, i have not just 1, but 3 to show! HAH! tho i haven't decided which one i'm gonna put up there, i'll decide tomorrow when i'm done collecting and showing everyone else's entries :)

i'll start with, well ... Aged Beauty, a mixed media bracelet with all sorts of nick nacks ...

this bracelet has everything i love ... a mini handmade book, old key, words and miniature music notes on coffee stained paper then resin-ed, clock gear, a clay heart made by me, some aged fibers and lace, rustic stones like tourmaline, jasper, petrified wood and a huge garnet in the rough. there is even an old square Malaysian coin from the days of King George VI!! (Malaysia was once ruled by England). 

the second piece is called Eternal Rhapsody ... and you know why ...

well, it's inspired by old fashioned romance and courtship personified and embraced so well by Edward Cullen :) ahhh ... yes, i watched Breaking Dawn, and now my brains are mushed up SO BAD ... i can't even walk properly from too much swooning! i am definitely in danger of OCD ... Obsessive Cullen Disorder ...!!

this third piece is a commission :) my sweet client wanted a frozen charlotte on the cover ... so i made one that "resembled" a vintage frozen charlotte's head with apoxy clay, crackled and then aged it.

True ... symbolizes a bond between 2 friends that is growing from strength to strength thru time ... a friendship that is lasting, sincere, honest and true.

if you have the time ... do hop over to Inspiration Avenue after 12noon tomorrow and feast your eyes upon the lovely entries of Aged Beauty :)


  1. Loving the bracelet, you should definitely do more the little book works wonderfully in a bracelet. Plus the others are lovely

  2. Hello,dear Luthien!

    That´s time ago...........when I wrote here by you.

    You designs are so special,I knew it then,but now I look them again and I like them all really much:-)*

    How creative is you mind and how talented you are!!!

    I like you slideshow under...woow,wonderful jewellery and you with your family,with a sweetest little Maia:-)))*

    Wish you fantastic inspirational days ahead,

    Hugs and Love from Amsterdam,

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous-er, and even more gorgeous!!!

  4. Ooooh they are all so delicious, how could I choose just one?
    That bracelet! Is. Incredible.
    So I would have to choose that.
    Plus I already have a necklace and earrings you created that I am still loving. I never get tired of wearing them and I never get tired of the compliments they get :)
    I am so happy to see you happy and artful!
    Love, Lisa

  5. Sooo beautiful as always, Luthien! All three are wonderful, but I really LOVE your Eternal Rhapsody necklace. It's perfect! (Like Edward! lol)

  6. Your work is simply amazing!! I blogged about you recently at

    I'm looking forward to ordering from you very soon!

  7. I find it hard express in words just how gorgeous your creations really are. I just love everything you make. It possibly reminds me of the time when I was a gypsy and still I am at heart!
    Big hugs,

  8. Very inspired work, Luthien! Love the opulent chains you create for your necklaces. And that little book - just too divine!

  9. Oh wow hard to choose you are the host so put all three up!! Love them all you have such an amazing unique eye for art. And as one of my very first blogland friends I am so honored to know you!!!
    So So very glad you came to host this week!! thank you!


  10. L-brilliant and OTT creations from you - full of history, meaning and memories. Thanks. B

  11. Just remarkable! These are such dynamic pieces of jewelry - really so very creative and dramatic. Visiting for the first time and am so impressed with your talent!

  12. Haven't seen the film yet... but my friend has seen it 3 times!!

    Now you just calm down my girl... too much Cullen is bad for you!!

    Of course I knew you would create some pure magic for this challenge. Well done!!

  13. Aw Luthien it was so great to have you back at Inspiration Avenue this week, we have missed you!

    And you've definitely brought a touch of Luthien mystical magic to the challenge! Your creations as always are inspired, elegant, quirky and gorgeous.

    And thanks for setting such a great theme - I had lots of fun with it :)

  14. Your jewellery is just beautiful.

  15. Wonderful new creations! I am going to Breaking Dawn tomorrow night, I can't wait!! First chance I could get to go with my best friend, it's our date night, we always go together! LOVE the Eternal Rhapsody piece you made! It really makes me think old romance and eternal love!

  16. I knew I was going to be late getting here this week, but I also knew I had to come because old rusty bits are right up my alley. As always, you did not disappoint. Although they are all lovely, I like Aged Beauty for its aged look and rustic pieces. That tiny book is equally amazing. I like how it's set off by the old key.

    Thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Although I didn't have the time I needed to give this challenge the attention it deserved, your inspiration helped loads.

  17. Sooooo happy to see you back Luthien. Your work is an inspiration, and htese pieces just gorgeous.

  18. Your Creations are Magnificent and always swoon worthy... oh how I'd love to one day own one!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Simply gorgeous, Luthien. Your work is truly reminiscent of years past...most definitely "aged beauties."


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