Oct 6, 2011

happy birthday sweet Maia Fae ...

my little preemie turns 1 !

baby Maia was born on the 6th Oct 2010 and today, she turns 1 :) we didn't make a big deal out of it becos somehow, we felt that it was a time for reflections, bonding, family, love and being truly thankful for our little fighter, our little miracle. for those of you who have been following this blog for some time, you would know that baby Maia was born premature at 29 weeks and when i was 8 cm dilated they still couldn't find a ventilator for her.
anyhow ... that's past and today is a joyous day :)

we decided to do something rather meaningful for all of us ... we took Maia back to the NICU to visit the nurses and the doctors who took care of her for the first 52 days of her life, the ones who nursed her back to health. and we brought DOUGHNUTS for everyone!

they were absolutely delighted to see her!

took turns to cuddle her ... of course she enjoyed all the attention :)

in the evening, we went for a quiet family dinner and then bought a cake home to celebrate.

daddy, mommy, big sista Llara, grandma and birthday girl

traditional red packet for good luck (and some pocket money ;)

this is the first time she's tasting cake and cream :)

and guess who is sitting silently in the corner gobbling up the cake?

it was a great day filled with love and a lot of joy for everyone. we feel so blessed to have our girls in our lives ... they complete us ...

happy birthday baby Maia ... Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!


  1. happy birthday to your baby girl... yes, children are miracles... and they help us to grow as much as we help them... so glad you had such a meaning-filled and wonderful day...

  2. Happy birthday to your little treasure. So pleased you all had a memorable day to remember. Fabulous pictures. Take care. Tracy x

  3. Happy BDay little Miracle Maia! May all the blessing that you have given come back to 100 times over always!

  4. Happy Birthday !!
    She so happy she so cute !
    Glad that hard time had past.

  5. Happy Birthday to little Maia - may her path be full of love, adventure and joy!

  6. A big happy birthday from one Maia to another...and from me too! And what a wonderful way to celebrate, it probably made all the doctors' and nurses' day to be able to see exactly how much their hard work, dedication and passion is appreciated!

  7. L - what a delightful day and what a great celebration. I remember meeting you on your blog for the first time when you told your and M's story - been so good to share the journey; and so good to see how she thrives and to see her big sister also growing with such poise. And such a gift to the nursing staff. May your whole family continue to go well and grow well. B

  8. Happy Birthday to little M. My sister works in NCIU in Canada. She always enjoys the visits back. sending wishes of health and happiness your way. hugs.

  9. Hi Luthien, wow what a precious little miracle, she's as cute as a button, and a lovely first birthday celebration.

  10. What a BEAUTIFUL post, Luthien. Happy birthday to sweet little Maia...she is a living doll! You have such a gorgeous family. :) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in your life. I see that baby Maia really enjoyed her day!!! xoxo

  11. Birthday greetings to Maia and best wishes to all your family. What a year this has been for you! Your girls are so beautiful. You always inspire me with the way you make such wonderful work while so busy with your family. XXOO

  12. Happy belated Birthday wishes to sweet little Maia! She is so cute!

    Hope all is well at your end!

  13. Happy Birthday to your little blessing! Congratulations to the happy family.

  14. This is SOOO beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Happy Birthday to your precious miracle for sure!!! What a wonderful celebration for you all and perfectly done!!!

  16. such a sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, precious little one! What a wonderful celebratory day you had together too. Happy Birthday Maia

  17. What a miracle! I too had a preemie- he is now 10! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!


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