Oct 19, 2011

just books

today seems like a good day to write. the baby is fast asleep and my table is clean ... CLEAN!! but my house is still in a mess ... UGH! it's amazing how little time i have now, that i have to consciously "make time" for this and for that. that reminds me ... i need to make time for gym. i haven't lost my preggie fat AT ALL!! that is BAD!! well, i better not complain too much, at least i have time to make art, even if i have to use sleep time for that :)

and yes ... i have been making lots of it. books mainly. big and small. wearable and not.

these two are "newly out from the oven" ...

i guess i dun have to tell you where the inspiration for the Son of Numenor came from :) but if you want to know ... here are some small prints for you ...

… It is said that the descendents of Numenor possess the gift of longevity. It was bestowed upon them by the Valar, the Elder Elves who live in the Ancient West. By the Grace of the Valar, the line of Elros was also given the privilege as the race who would rule the Kingdom of Men. However, in time, the Numenoreans became arrogant and desired immortality, so they called for a rebellion against the Valar. That action led to the downfall of Numenor and the King of Men were exiled to Middle Earth. As time passed, the race of the Kings faded into legend … or so it was thought. There is however, a last surviving royal bloodline of Numenor. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, who would in time ascend to his rightful place on throne of the White City of Gondor …

the Book of the Brotherhood is something like my Book of Celts, only the motif is a Celtic Cross, my newest illustration made into a rubber stamp. i am so pleased with it!! this design seem to sell quite well ... as i was uploading this image, a message popped into my email and told me that someone from Australia bought it :) YAY!!!

the next three were commissions ...

Tales from Faraway is another favourite design of many :) i love this too ... maybe i'm was an explorer in my previous life ...

Dream Keeper is a little darker ... it was inspired by the client's love for skulls, hearts and quirky dark Gothicism (if that's a word) :) the papers in this one is artist quality 160gsm white paper.

ooo ... Book of Massacres ... a huge book measuring 16.5 x 12.5 inches ... not something that i would normally create but it was a fantastic challenge and lots of fun! albeit creepy at times! my client wanted a sketch book inspired by his favourite band. i had to tell Llara that is was chocolate-strawberry sauce when she asked what's that dripping out of the clock :) so as not to creep her out :) dunno if she believed me tho ...

those were the big dudes ... and here are some little ones :)

i am quite certain that books are my calling now ... they give me so much contentment!!

the baby is still asleep!! yippee!!! off to make some more :)

Oct 6, 2011

happy birthday sweet Maia Fae ...

my little preemie turns 1 !

baby Maia was born on the 6th Oct 2010 and today, she turns 1 :) we didn't make a big deal out of it becos somehow, we felt that it was a time for reflections, bonding, family, love and being truly thankful for our little fighter, our little miracle. for those of you who have been following this blog for some time, you would know that baby Maia was born premature at 29 weeks and when i was 8 cm dilated they still couldn't find a ventilator for her.
anyhow ... that's past and today is a joyous day :)

we decided to do something rather meaningful for all of us ... we took Maia back to the NICU to visit the nurses and the doctors who took care of her for the first 52 days of her life, the ones who nursed her back to health. and we brought DOUGHNUTS for everyone!

they were absolutely delighted to see her!

took turns to cuddle her ... of course she enjoyed all the attention :)

in the evening, we went for a quiet family dinner and then bought a cake home to celebrate.

daddy, mommy, big sista Llara, grandma and birthday girl

traditional red packet for good luck (and some pocket money ;)

this is the first time she's tasting cake and cream :)

and guess who is sitting silently in the corner gobbling up the cake?

it was a great day filled with love and a lot of joy for everyone. we feel so blessed to have our girls in our lives ... they complete us ...

happy birthday baby Maia ... Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!