Sep 18, 2011

where to begin ...

wow ... i just realized that my last post was on the 25th August. that's nearly a month ago!! what have i been doing? where to begin?

well, to start off, poor baby Maia was down with a bad bad cough and hence was in a bad bad mood becos she can't breath properly, can't sleep and won't eat. *sigh* but that's OVER!! she's fine now and has returned to her happy cheeky self :)

i was supposed to start on a commission on 2 big big books but couldn't becos my raw materials have been delayed! UGH!! but i did managed to go on to other commissions ... so that's great. now i only have half the time i'm supposed to have on the big big books, and that is not so great :(

in between commissions, i sneaked to town and did some shopping. i also made some other things ... just to relax the mind and allow it to wander. what did i buy? ... oooo ... some really amazing turquoise beads!! huge ones, high quality, tri color and mouth wateringly beautiful!! i also acquired some old brass amulets from this guy from Nepal! and this is what i made with my acquisitions ^_^

isn't the turquoise bead just amazing?!! i had to couple it with one of my little books and i really LOVE the effect! and this piece was aptly named Ode to Opulence :)

inspired by some of the myths that the Nepal guy told me of his homeland, i was feeling all spiritual these few days ... as a result, Tantra was created. 'course it needed a turquoise bead too ;)

”each one of us is a union of all universal energy. Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it. This is the tantric approach”
~ Lama Thubten Yeshe ~

continuing on my spiritual path, this next piece was inspired by the continuous cycle of life, a Buddhist belief ... Samsara. this necklace has a beautiful piece of Picasso Jasper, some rare rutilated quartz rondelles, and an amulet depicting some sort of karmic cycle.

Samsara means “to flow”. Our consciousness is continuous, our selves die but is reincarnated into a similar or a different form. The universal cycle is a continuous karmic flow …

and so these were from this week's wanderings ... tho just before Maia fell ill, i also made 2 other pieces which i did not get to blog about. of course during that time, the inspirations were ever so different ... as you will see ...

isn't it wonderful how unpredictable the muse is?

which of these pieces talk to you, i wonder ... and i'm curious, how are you usually inspired?