Aug 18, 2011

what's on my table


trying to complete my commissions!! and who said she was uncomfortable with commissions? see that little black paper? yup ... eat my shoes ... that's just one side ...

fortunately this time, most of them are "made to order" commissions, so not too bad ... just reproducing my own designs :) see them little books? my Harry Potter series ... many MANY of them ... so moi is actually VERY happy :)

wish i had a larger space tho ... my hammering area is as big as that hammering block

usually i have tea ... but today i had chocolate ... well, it's Milo, our favourite chocolate drink :) need a refill ...

empty jam jars put to good use ... need to change that water tho ... and my airplant is still ALIVE!! miracle!

well ... at least i got this little heart done ... well ... half done ...

just thought i'll let you guys know that i am still here eventho i haven't been visiting ... hope everyone is well :) ... will see you guys soon :) xoxoxo


  1. Your stuff is worth the wait!!!

  2. sweeeeeeeeeet! Love to see your space Luthien, just makes you want to reach into the computer screen and touch those yummy goodies...

  3. Great space and because I know one of those has my name on it I don't mind the mess one bit (LOL). Looking forward to it!!

  4. Looks like a fun mess!! You create in much the same kind of space I do! Your artwork is always gorgeous Luthien! xo Michele

  5. I soooo LOVE a mess. The results of much creative flurry. Thanks for showing us Luthien.

  6. L- I am always astounded at what beautiful work and the quantity you produce in your 'compact' studio. Really pleased for you that the commissions are flowing in; and that you are being requested to produce multiples of your designs. Go well. B

  7. What a glorius mess! I just had to clean my space up so I could be rejuvinated. Now if it would stop being 112 outside I could get busy. Waiting for all the new piece from Barry's Junk... may have to break out the Visa!!!

  8. One time I cleaned up my studio and then I could find nothing. That was the last time I cleaned it up. I am inspired by utter messes! :)


  9. You call that mess - hah! You want to see my workspace lol ;)

    It's fascinating to see where the magic takes place, and well done on your commissions - you go girl!

    PS I've done a little blog post today about the lovely goodies you sent me, thank you so much xx

  10. Thanks for checking in, Luthien. A messy workspace is a creative workspace, right? LOL I see you have been kept busy. Can't wait to see your finished goodies!

  11. Delighted to see your workspace, Luthien, and so impressed that you produce such beautiful work in that tiny area.

    My Boho Opulence necklace has arrived and I love it. What a gorgeous little book! Thank you so much. Carol xxoo

  12. I just found your site from the Altered Page and am besotted with your mixed media jewelry, the Lothlorian inspired set. I MUST have one of the necklaces and hope you will be making more :D

  13. i love your workspace! but i would have to say that you do need a bigger table haha! excited to see what you will be creating next :)

  14. Oh Luthien, that gremlin really gets around .... my work space doesn't stay clean for very
    LOVE your creative mess:)

    Hope your day is going great!


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