Aug 25, 2011

of travel, time and pulse ...

how fast time flies ... it's approaching the end of August already and autumn is on the way. i still remember blogworld a-buzz with the excitement of the approach of spring like it was yesterday!! i haven't been very good with blogging i must admit ... excuses? plenty! but i needed any extra time i could wrangle to make things.

i've finally completed a long delayed commission for a lady who approached me in spring ;) she wanted a journal. she is about to embark upon a journey of a lifetime, traveling the world (how COOL!!) and she wanted a place to keep her memories. she gave me some specifications, things she liked like hearts, wings, keys, warm colors, old maps ... and a date that is of significance to her. here is what i came up with ...

this is Journey

i loved how it turned out ... esp the heart with the little copper wings. gives me the feeling of freedom and a heart taking flight! and that date of significance, is etched in aged brass and embedded into a brass vintage name plate. i hope she likes it :)

this week's challenge theme at Simon Says Stamp and Show is "Travel" ... and i think this journal fits perfectly, so i'm gonna go ahead and submit it :)

another commission came in from another lady residing in the UAE a couple of weeks ago. this time, she wanted a piece of jewelry as a remembrance of the people she loved and lost. she liked one of my previous designs called Facets, a necklace that you can wear many ways. but she wanted to include a key on the minute book and the phrase Memento Mori ... WOW!! i didn't know what the phrase meant until i googled it, and it was powerful ... it's a Latin phrase and it means 'Remember Your Mortality'

i was so touched by her story that i was inspired (probably not the best word to use ... can you be inspired by pain or sadness?) to make another piece. i came up with this mini book necklace called Time Turner

"Have you ever wanted to right a wrong, to do things differently or to tell a passed one that you love him ... Have you ever wanted to turn back time"

that, was the idea behind Time Turner. notice that the burnt clock on the cover has it's number going backwards? it symbolizes the turning back of time ...

she loved them both and took them. i hope these pieces would bring to her peace and healing in time to come. i felt really honored to be entrusted with her story and hope that my little contribution has helped her is some way.

to wrap up this post, i want to share something really exciting! i am SO thrilled becos this is my first time :)

i was chosen to be amongst the 100 contributing artists in this new mixed media book by Seth Apter. WOOHOO!!!

i'm not allowed to show you the piece that's gonna be in that book, but here is a sneak peek of the cover :) it will be out March 2012!!


if you like to visit the author of this book Seth ... here is the link to The Altered Page


  1. Luthien....I have to say that I absolutely ADORE your travel journal. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. I LOVE it!'s breathtaking! I also love your MEMENTO MORI/mini book necklace you named "Time Turner". It is exquisite! What a talent you are!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art pieces with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  2. Candy said it best...the most gorgeous pieces ever, and your photography is outstanding.

    LOVE it all!!!!!


  3. Absolutely outstanding, I love every piece, I love hearts too so your piece really appeals to me. Your artwork is stunning. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge at Simon Says Stamp and Show. Tracy x

  4. I'm speechless! Absolutely stunning pieces! Everything about them. WOW...

  5. Wow! Ok, you know you totally deserve to be published, right!?! Couldn't be happier for you ~ although I'm waiting for your own book to come out. ;D

    I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for your comment on my blog ~ I know you're so busy so taking the time to leave some uplifting encouragement means the world to me! You're such a dear friend and always will be!

  6. Your work is STUNNING. My chin is bruised from hitting the table. Your clients will no doubt adore these incredible pieces of art!

  7. That Travel book is exquisitely GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    And the Time Turner 11 ~ breathtaking!!

  8. You do lovely work Luthien.... and congrats on making it into Seth's book. You deserve it!

  9. Hey there Luthien, I allways like watching your blog and I yet again must say that your projects are AMAZING. Really the little booklet and the necklace my goodness STUNNING....thank you for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge BLog....Hugs Terry xxx

  10. These pieces are amazing Luthien - I love the thought, emotion and meaning you've put into each one - I know the 2 new owners of your work will treasure it - lucky ladies!

    And wow - I'm sooo excited for you about being published - WOO HOO!! That's such a fabulous achievment. What a thrill it will be to see your name in print! I know your work will be a credit to the book - a big huge enormous well done to you xxx

  11. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! Your piece is *BEYOND STUNNING*. I don't even know what to say except I LOVE IT ALL. Every detail, big and small. Sheer perfection! thanks for sharing it with us on Simon Says Stamp and Show! We're honored!

    Ellen :)

  12. Sensational pieces. Your Journey book is really extraordinary. I am sure the person who commissioned it will be over the moon with happiness.

  13. OMG! Really!!! So Gorgeous!! You captured beyond how beautiful she could have wanted it. It's stunning! I feel like such a slacker seeing what you churn out! Truly. Luthien, it is just beyond beautiful and High Five for the publication.... Better hold on to your hat now lady! I really want one of these..... we need to talk!!!

  14. L- you have gone from strength to strength - the stuff you are creating is so full of imagination and creative meaningful detail. And of course I love the detail of the tiny books. And also congratulations on impending publication - recognition of excellence from peers can't be all bad. Go well. B

  15. Once again, jaw-dropping art from you. You are truly gifted. Thanks for sharing your art.

  16. every time I visit I am blown away by your art, I am glad you were able to help the lady. Congratulations on being picked for the book. I think that is wonderful. You are such a talent. thank you for your wonderful heart that you show through your work. hugs to you.

  17. Luthien, your work always amazes me with its beauty and magic. And a BIG congrats to you on the book publication - that is wonderful news! Can't wait for it to be released. :)

  18. They are both stunning Luthien, and not just the pieces but also the way you photograph your treasures unearthed from Rivendell. Congratulations on being in the book. You so deserve it!


  19. You have done it again, the journal is fantastic, such a beautiful creation. I'm sure the lady who gets to put all her worldy treasures inside adores it too.

    And I think you know what I feel about your mini book necklaces ~ totally Wicked!!

    And well deserved Congratulations on being published, as Sharon says when is your book coming out!!!!


  20. Congratulations on being published Luthien!!! That is so exciting, athough I'm not at all supprised you were selected, your works are truely beautiful.

  21. OMG, your new pieces are outstanding ... I could stare at it for hours.
    Lots of great eye always!

    Congrats to you for getting into Seth's book. I am very excited for you. Can't wait for to see what you did!

    Hugs, Gaby

  22. Oh Luthien - Your new commissioned journal is mind blowing - love the winged heart - it's all so beautiful as is the necklace booklet - OMG I just am so in love with your creativity girl - It is so exceptional!
    Congrats for making it into Seth's new publication - it is no wonder at all!
    Hugs and love,

  23. Ooooohhhh ... I just don't have the words! These are all beyond stunning!!! Someday, I'm going to ask you to create for me! Some day!!

  24. Oh Luthian... a beautiful name and even more beautiful work... I am rarely lost for words but I am this time!! I am honoured to win at SSSS in the same week as you

  25. I'm proud of you .
    Your journal piece is gorgeous !!!


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