Aug 9, 2011

guess what ...

came in the mail today!!

OMG!! metal goodies!!

Barry is a sculptor who lives in Australia. he lives with Fiona on this absurdly beautiful place, on top of a hill, on what looks like acres and acres of land. Barry and Fiona make art, they collect art too. the first time i met Barry was when he bought one of my handmade journals and a pair of book earrings for Fiona. of course that time i didn't know that a MAJOR sculptor had bought my art ... UGH!! when i knew, i told my hubby and actually went red!

now Barry and Fiona collect art ... MEGA art from real artists!! and that acres and acres of land i was talking about? is filled with art ... sculptures!! i was floored when Barry took us on a virtual tour around his home on his blog ... it was like an art gallery!!

Barry and Fiona owns a bank ... a "rust" bank :) if i were nearer, i would be part of their fixture. they also own a junk yard filled with recycle metal that Barry works with. he collects beaten up metal stuff that no one wants, and beats them up even more to create something like this ...

yes ... and that's the view from his house ...

so lets get back to the subject of what came in the mail today ...

raw, unpolished metal goodies and ...

cut, polished and even form-folded pieces from Barry to ME! lil ole ME!! YAY!!!

now ... i am going to just touch and feel them for a bit (honestly, the polished metals feel so very nice!!) before i start thinking what i can use them for.

thank you so VERY VERY much Barry!! for sending me these wonderful wonderful stuff to play with :)

if you haven't visited Barry yet, please go ...

and if you live anywhere near Maleny ... this couple is having a studio open day on the 20th and 27th August weekends :) wished i could be there ...

to sum up a very happy me day :)

happy happy happy ^,^


  1. wow! so many lovely metal things - lucky you ;)

  2. Gorgeous goodies!! I can't wiat to see what you use them in/for...

  3. Gorgeous goodies!! I can't wiat to see what you use them in/for...

  4. Oh My, Oh My, you lucky lucky girl! Barry and his beautiful work and to have gotten a tour of the lovelies first hand! I'm so jealous (in a good way). Can't wait to see what beauties you will create from all that gorgeous junk. It's this Arroyo Junkers Dream!

  5. i love barry and fiona's work - and admire them deeply... what an honor for all of you - your work is exquisite... and he sent you quite a treasure trove... enjoy it...

  6. OMGosh - what gorgeous pieces of metal! Barry is not just a fabulous artist and a wonderful person - he is also extremely generous. Ooooohh - lucky girl - what are you going to make??

  7. L- you are the very best person to give stuff to - you get so energetically excited - and that is lovely. I'm glad the stash arrived and that it made you smile and offers possibilities. Thank you also for the very generous thank you and promo. You even had me wondering who these people are - do I know them? I think I need to hire you for any publicity work we need. Yes Fiona and I are lucky to live with great view in a beautiful house, good studios and garden - but on an acre - the rest as they say in Japan is borrowed - we borrow the wide expanse of the valley below our block - good position and we don't have to be responsible for it. And we are lucky to have a group of fellow artists who collect and share stuff - so my own rust and metal pile in the main comes as gifts - so it is always good to share some of it on. Your recent series have been excellent. Go well and create well. B

  8. An extraordinarily generous bloke that Barry. I look forward to seeing your own designs using these pieces. I am fortunate to be able to visit the studio on open day. Can hardly wait.

  9. How totally awesome Luthien, I'm with B your excitement is infectious. I'm looking forward in your new creations!

  10. Brilliant, you're very lucky indeed, though to be fair you are an excellent artist in your own right misses. The sculpture is fab too, it looks so tactile, wish I lived in the right country to see it! :))

  11. Oh what gorgeous metals!!! :) Have fun!!! :)

  12. What beautiful materials for you to create with - can't wait to see how you transform them!

    And wow, what an amazing house, I wish I was close enough to visit too! x

  13. WOW, what fabulous pieces of metal! You are one lucky gal!
    I can't imagine these in better hands because I *know* how wonderful they will be in your art pieces!!!

    Have a lovely day my friend!


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