Jul 24, 2011

of Potter & wings, books & music

Harry Potter ... what can i say, but ... WAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! it's over!!! *sob sob sob* 10 years of my life dedicated to Hogwarts and this is the end! i will miss it so very much.

yes ... besides being a Middle Earth Elf ... i am also a Witch, a Vampire and a Narnian, depending on the time of the year :)

to mark the end of a fantastic and magical 10 year saga, in my little own way, i made a little piece of jewelry dedicated to Hogwarts and all those loyal to it.

Wingardium Leviosa ~ for those of you who are not familiar with Hogwarts' spells, this is a spell for levitation. say the incantation "Wingardium Leviosa", and make anything from a feather to Aunty Marge levitate :)

a mini handmade book to wear round the neck, and perhaps also serve as a place for the wearer to pen in some useful everyday spells on its ...

156 coffee stained writable pages :)

spot also the Deathly Hallow symbol on the 2nd shorter necklace? both, part of the same piece, or if you choose to, detach the shorter necklace and wear it on it's own.

and since Wingardium Leviosa has everything to do with wings and aerial movement ... i think it will be fitting to submit this piece in for Inspiration Avenue's challenge this week, themed Wings

and now for a quick peek at some other pieces i've been making over the week.

fascinated by MaireDodd's resin paper components for a long time now, i finally got a chance to use the ice resin that have been standing there mournfully looking at me for the past 6 months. i tried out resin paper.

2 pairs of earrings i made out of miniature music notes on coffee stained paper and then ... resin-ed.

interesting ... aren't they not? the music notes are 2-ply, back and front. and they feel as if they've been laminated. only, more beautiful.

another mini handmade book, which has already been sold ... is a silver version of the last one i made. this one i called Bohemian Rhapsody ... and yes, the music theme and resin paper continue to be present here.

i am quite loving these long book "double" necklaces ... am definitely inclined to make more :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wingardium Leviosa piece and would love to own a jewel like this! Perfect piece to document the end of an era. I have known Harry Potter longer than I have my own children. LOL

  2. Love your work, it's wonderful....

  3. I am so in love with your HP mini book. Love it so much. I've loved the Harry Potter books and films as have all of my family. Your mini books are inspired - I now really really want the Wingardium Leviosa book. Wish it was my Birthday sooner. lol.

    Fabulous entry for this week's theme!

    Kat Xx

  4. I always love your work, all the details and the very powerful designs. You continue to create such beautiful items. I love the mini books and the details, just "brilliant". I really love to see your creations.

  5. I LOVE YOUR WORK! I also love harry potter, lords of the ring, ect.... and your work is just plain cool!do you ever post tutorials on your process? wendy

  6. Great design, as always, Luthien. LOVE that resin paper... sooooo creative.

  7. Said "goodbye" to Harry and all the other day myself. 8( What gorgeous work you have here.

  8. Luthien it is absolutely beyond GORGEOUS!! We will miss Harry...my son's entire childhood was 'spent' at Hogwarts.


  9. so beautiful luthien - your work is always magical... the kids and i saw harry at midnight... it was sad for it to be over...

  10. I know I must live under a rock, but have no idea what a hogwart is. However, that doesn't lessen my enjoyment at seeing this beauty you created for the IA challenge, or the other pieces you made. Everything is truly gorgeous and you have definitely been missed.

  11. I just love your tiny handmade books! So amazing that they have that many pages and are so intricate and delicate and...just...awesome! Beautiful~ I will have to go investigate these a little more.

  12. Everything you've created here is SO perfect, Luthien. What a wonderful tribute to Harry!!! :) Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  13. You just keep knockin' it out of the park with those beauties! Don't hate me, but I've only watch 1 Harry Potter movie and that was it... Maybe someday I'll catch up with the series. I'm sorta in a dry spell and can't seem to be creative ~ you obviously are kickin' butt! You go Girl.

  14. You never cease to amaze and inspire me, dear Luthien. Absolute perfection!

  15. I am speachless....and that takes a lot!!! Your work leaves me breathless. I want to be like you in my next life!!

    I LOVE Harry, Narnia, Vampires, and Witches, too! The whole wonderful fantasy world they all create is a joy. I was bummed for 2 weeks when JK killed off Dumbledore...seriously.

    TFS you treasures. They are truly awe inspiring. I must say, you are my favorite artist.


  16. So awesome, Luthien! The musical earrings are just gorgeous and the book necklaces are fabulous. Why do you live so far away...

  17. Luthien AWESOME as always and OH I JUST LOVE YOUR ART1!! Also awesome to have you back this week. Have missed you.
    Hope to see more.

  18. Wingardium Levi-o-SAAAA! Oh, I've missed Harry since the last book came out. And I must admit that I cried during the movie....a little embarrassing but still true. I LOVE your necklace- so beautiful and those earrings are wonderful too!

  19. 1st time to visit but will be back...your work is extraordinary!

  20. L - I just had to laugh out loud when I read the 10 years of HP and then all the rest - your children are just going to love growing up with you. The miniature books are exquisite - love the one in chains. And Fiona thought the burnt paper and resin was something special - she does a lot with rusted and burnt paper. Go well - and hope the HP deprivation therapy goes well. B

  21. Fabulous work!
    I love the earrings!

  22. Luthien your HP tribute is perfect for the IA theme and is, for want of a better word, spell-binding!

    I love your resin work too - your work just keep getting more and more ornate, imaginative and beautiful - do you ever make anything bad lol?? xx

  23. Oh, Luthien, these are fabulous! So pleased to see more of these beautiful little books. The effect of the ice resin on the paper is lovely - very desirable earrings.

  24. Fab-u-lous! I love the HP book necklace. Your double necklace idea is terrific. Love em! I can finally comment again, so I missed visiting you! Love being back!! xx


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