Jul 13, 2011

of neutrals and browns

i haven't been really productive in the past 2 weeks. i was thinking a lot. i received several commissions and i am always nervous about commissions! i do tend to think a lot on commissions ... how i would want to design the piece so that it reflects the person who has commissioned it. i think that is the most difficult and time consuming part ... waiting and waiting for that "click" in the head which means "woohoo!! you can start making it!". sometimes the "click" NEVER comes!!!

but in the midst of commission-thinking i did manage to make a couple of things ... i had to actually. just to switch channels, so that the brains don't get stuck in oblivion.

Nimloth of Eressea ~ i think from the name you must already know that this one doesn't belong in our world :)

the story behind this handmade journal goes like this ...

It is believed that the day when the White Tree shall flourish once again, will be the time of the return of the King. The White Tree of Gondor is the last survival of the Nimloth tree that grew in the island of Tol Eressea. It was a gift by the Valar to the Men of Numenor. The tree’s fate closely mirrors the fate of men. The fall of Numenor saw the burning of the Nimloth tree … but all was not lost because Isildur managed to smuggle a seed back to Middle Earth, where he planted in the courtyard of the White City.

On top of this metal pedestal, sits a rustic piece of veined milky white Picasso Jasper, symbolizing the single surviving seed of the White Tree rescued by Isildur.

Surrounding the seed pedestal, fully hand-sculpted using epoxy clay, are tendril-like roots forming a protective wall round the seedling. These roots lay dormant but not dead, awaiting patiently for the return of the King, to once again spring to life.

the veins took me a whole night to sculpt! and i wasn't even sure that they will come out nice, or how i would treat them afterwards ... tho i am really happy with the final results. i love how stonelike the off-white acrylics and aging made it.

i've always been a blue and green person. i love all shades of blues and greens, but even more so ... i love it when the color is undecidable ... it's blue but it's green, it's not really green neither is it blue :) HAH!

however, lately ... i have been drawn to neutrals and browns. well ... by neutrals, i mean off whites in shades of grey, green and fawn. and brown as in old world brown ... and it probably includes all the brass wires i torched which turned a grey brown. so so gorgeous!

which brings me to another book i made ... this time a wearable one which i called Boho Opulence.

i have been browsing thru some beautiful bohemian fashion/lifestyle photos in tumblr lately, so i thought i might want to make something "boho" with tattered fibers, antique looking beads, leather, coffee stained pages, and a dash of opulence ;) and the fact that, i've always romanticize of living a life of a traveling bohemian artist (tho not too keen on the "in poverty" part) when i was younger. who knows ... when the kids are all grown up, i might just do that ;)

right, before i wrap ... there is a blog challenge themed "brown" at Kristin's Twinkle Twinkle and i will be submitting this piece for the challenge. do hop over there if you have anything "brown" this week!

so ... what is your "current" favourite color/s? does your favourite color change over time?


  1. Lovely work; thnaks for sharing! Cheers,

  2. popping in from the colour challenge - your works are amazing and I love the fantacy side of it all.

    My favourite colours in creativity change but I always head for the deep purples and reds in any colour array

  3. The journal is GORGEOUS!!! FABULOUS!! I'm drooling on my keyboard!! Love the necklace too!! xo Michele

  4. Oh Luthien my friend words are to simple to express how beautiful these are! Truly. I do know exactly how you feel when someone wants a commissioned piece. I get all weird when its something someone wants, I feel inept and like I don't know what I'm doing. Internally I freak out. You have to feel it in order to create it. I actually stopped doing orders I just couldn't get my mind around and feel. It made me crazy. LOVE LOVE LOVE the latest creations!!

  5. As always gorgeous pieces Luthien. Amazing attention to detail. Love the aged white, and ADORE the book necklace.

  6. Wow! Your work is gorgeous! I am glad I popped over from Twinkle, Twinkle. So beautiful!

  7. Stunning artwork, both of them. Beautifully presented too.

  8. Isn't thinking the best past time ever? Waiting for your brain to connect with your soul? Love it!!!
    You should have put these pieces in the challenge last week, Luthien. They are pure poetry...oh that necklace... phenomenal. ♥♥♥

  9. Beautiful, beautiful work, Luthien. I'm really hankering after the Boho Opulence piece, I really love it.

  10. Hi L - agree with you and SZQ that commissions can take the fun and spontaneity out of creating; but great to see that as you think you have created some wild and out there pieces - good for you. Love the micro book that is part of Boho Opulence. Go well. B

  11. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work as always- I love the sculpting, it's so intricate! And that Picasso stone.....did you know the challenge at IA this week is Picasso? You should stick this in there:)
    I love your neutral color palette and as for me, my favorites change....right now, I can't seem to get enough of purply ultramarine blues!

  12. Lori,
    thank you very much! :)

    thank you :) glad you popped by! ooo ... deep purples and reds .. exotic! i wonder when i'll be visiting those colors!!

    hahaha!! you're too funny my fren ,,, but thank you very much! :)

    thank you my fren ... i think you already know how i feel ;)

    thank you very much :)aged whites are ageless aren't they? actually any white is ageless!

    thank you for coming over :) and for the sweet comment!

    thank you very much! i always remind myself that presentation is the last creative step to each piece of work :)

    Lisa D,
    thank you my fren ... "They are pure poetry" - just made my day!

    thank you very much!

    :D thank you very much :D ... it's still in the shop if you are interested ;)

    i didn't think that there were others who share the same view as I ... i'm glad there are tho. i thought i was the only one who is nervous about commissions!!

    thank you my fren ... hahaha!! i know your current favs ;) they are the colors of the ring isn't it? HAH!! i know the challenge is Picasso ... but i never thought Pablo Picasso = Picasso Jasper!!

  13. Luthien, this new journal just blows me away! It is heartwrenchingly beautiful!!!!!!
    Love the Boho necklace too. Let me know when you go off to live a gypsy life - I might join you...

  14. Oh. My . Goodness.
    That is incredible. It could be used as a movie prop, no kidding, it looks so authentic. We are serious LOTR fans in our house, I can't wait to show my oldest daughter your art!

  15. Gorgeous works!!!!

  16. Wow...this is a stunning piece...xxx

  17. I am absolutely blown away. This is an amazing work of art - the colors, the texture, the meaning and story behind it. Wow. Thank you for sharing this with us and for linking up to the Sumer of Color - we are so happy to have you, xo

  18. You are one seriously talented lady - do you know that? I would buy all your stuff if I had the money. The elves of Middle Earth must be very proud of you!

  19. Wow, this is beautiful ! I love having a story with it.

  20. Oh my goodness, Luthien! Both the journal and the necklace are truly magical. I love them so much. I tend to lean toward earthy colors - rich reds, warm browns, dark greens. They tend to stay pretty constant. I am truly a "fall" kind of girl. :)

  21. i really don't know what else to say except that you are masterful - you do know you could do a book on your clay/mixed media assemblages, right? i had the good fortune to be able to see remastered lotr recently in theaters... they made them available one movie, one night, one showing... emily saw all 3, i saw 'two towers'... your work is always such a beautiful tribute...

  22. Your books are so enchanting and beautiful.
    I love them all

  23. Gosh how do you come up with these beauties???Stunning!!So much detail..I could just stare for hours!!Hugs,Cat

  24. Hey, D and I were just drooling over your books (his birthday is coming soon) and we realized ~ have you ever thought of submitting to one of the Somerset Studio magazines? You should, they would publish your work in a heartbeat!

    Just a suggestion (and you know how my suggestions go ;D) ~ here's their main mag. link:
    Somerset Studio Magazines


  25. So gorgeous, I cant believe your many talents. Red is my fav colour but orange keeps jumping out at me right now along with purples and lilacs! I'm just a bright and bold colour girl, thats me!! 80))

  26. fantastic job! very nice, easy-neverotno how you do it?

  27. Beautiful work! Loved seeing the aged pages within too.
    My favourite colours at the moment are whites and the earth tones and have been for a few years. Before that i was into brights.


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