Jul 28, 2011

buried treasure - Thailand revisited

this week at The Altered Page, Seth has re-introduced an interesting and fun blog event called Buried Treasure. we are encouraged to dig up an old blog post and re-post it again on our blogs ... what a fun way to give an old post another chance in the light!

so here is my Buried Treasure - my trip to Thailand and the amazing art that Thai people make!!

yes! i'm back :) i had a pretty amazing work trip to bangkok. amidst the "work" i manage to eat a lot (courtesy of a fabulous host who we met there :), see a couple of places, do a tinzy winzy bit of shopping and capture some amazing pictures :))

temples ... were pretty amazing ... their beauty is awe-inspiring!
wat po ("wat" meaning temple) - this is a temple that has both thai and chinese influences. this is also where the local masseurs come to learn their craft, as the temple houses one of the oldest massage center and school.

wat po is glorious under the sun!

thai design and architecture is a work of art.

chinese giant deity stands as guardian to the doors.

just look at the intricate architecture!

ok ... that's me trying to be creative with the camera :p ... taken from beneath a bonsai tree.

the massage school & center

sunset temple - located just by the chao praya river, a lovely place for evening walks.

sunset temple @ sunset :)

one of the walls of the temple

sunset temple in night light ... simply magical!

food! glorious food!

our host fed us really well!!

local arts & crafts ... the thai people are amazingly creative!
(all the photos in this section were taken by my other half ... i was too busy looking at stuff!)

these i love :)) and they were inexpensive!

whimsical paintings

@ jak to jat weekend market

chopsticks with an attitude :)

handmade earrings.

monks and deities - i dunno what these figurines are made off, but they look amazingly real!

antiques anyone?

steampunk awesomeness!

recycle art

handcarved wooden buddhas

all in all ... this was quite an amazing trip, tho i wish i had more time to do shopping :) definitely will go back to Bangkok real soon. afterall, it's only a 2-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur :)

entries are still open til Saturday. if you want to participate in Buried Treasure, please go visit Seth at The Altered Page and leave him a message :)


  1. Oh, Thailand must be so amazing! I have only ever seen this type of architecture and art in photos, imagine being there in person...fantastic! Just when I was oohing and aahing over the buildings, you went on to show the food and fabulous art. Those monks look absolutely real, and I LOVE those lanterns!

    A cool idea to show a past blog post, it's too bad when they get forgotten :) This was a great one to revisit.

  2. So envious, would love to visit, perhaps one day...

  3. Oh wow, wow and double wow!!! I would so love to visit Thailand and now you have made me very envious. One day maybe I will!! The temple buildings are so amazing, gorgeous, colours incredible!! Must be all that red and black and gold!

  4. What an amazing place! Love those temples. Thanks for re-sharing this, Luthien!

  5. Thanks for the mini-trip to Thailand. Loved the post.

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these fabulous photos!!! I really loved reliving your trip to Bangkok with you. :)

  7. Fabulous photos to an enchanting trip! Thailand looks amazing and what wonderful colors, design, patterns and architecxture all in one posting! Many thanks!

  8. Thank you for the tour of Thailand! I was there over forty years ago, but didn't take very many photos, unlike yourself (or your OTHER half). Did you try the street chicken? I found most Thai food to be very spicy, but the chicken was to die for.

  9. WOW!!! All that colour and the patterns and the vibrancy... WOW!!!

  10. What a fabulous trip! Thanks for taking me on it!

  11. WHAT an amazing trip this looks. I love these scenes. I may never get there, and this is such inspiration. Thanks for reposting this one.

    I love your Hogwarts Quartet. Just amazing!


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