Jun 20, 2011

there and back again ... a hobbit's tale ...

i'm sorry if you clicked into this post becos of the title ... cos this post had got nothing at all to do with the title except that the person writing this post has been doing a LOTRs marathon so the line stuck :) but you know what ... she was punished for being cheeky becos as she was writing this, she visualized your faces as you read this, she laughed and choked on her isotonic drink, and spat a whole lot of it out onto her keyboard and laptop screen :(

sorry ... me BAD!!

all i wanted to do was to share some happenings in the past week ... well for one, the family has recovered from the bout of Cosackie virus attack. my poor little girls had ulcers in their throats and couldn't eat, thank goodness it's GONE!!! GONE!!! and i'm fattening them up again :)

received a package that i was looking forward to ... a litter of leaves that i won from a giveaway on Barry's blog ' Rustnstuff ' ... sooooooooooo happy that they arrived and my goodness!! the leaves are amazing! handbeaten from old anodised aluminium canisters and trays, the details and folds on them are as close to the real thing as metal can be! thank you Barry!!!

they are now sitting in my cabinet of crystal cluster collection and looks perfect there! please click on Barry's link and visit this wonderful sculptor ... his works are truly amazing!

this week my brains have gone a bit mushy, and i finally ran out of jewelry ideas ... fortunately i have my LOTRs DVD set and i have my books to fall back on. by books i mean my handmade journals ... so i decided to revisit a journal design that i personally love very much and made a second copy.

Book of Celts (revisited)
the celtic heart is my own design made into a rubber stamp. amazing how easy it is now to make art ... i mean, years ago, the artist would have to paint or at least transfer the image onto each piece of art he makes. now ... you just have to come out with the artwork, go to the rubber stampers' and get him to make it into a rubber stamp for you! technology has become the artist!

Journal 1969
i just love the distress look! someone asked me what technique (in art) i simply cannot do without ... my immediate answer was "aging". this is the second book i made ... i bought the Apoxie Sculpt some time ago, but haven't had a chance to make something out of it, so i thought ... hmmm ... a gothic heart ... YES! :) the wings are actually raw brass ... i put them on the stove and turned them real dark! what beauties!! complements the vintage key so very well! i love this book ... tho i had a real hard time photographing it. some things are just harder to photograph well!

hope you had a real nice weekend and oh!! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!! :) you are loved!!


  1. Your Books are the best.
    They are so special and really precious.
    Have a great week

  2. Lucky you Luthien. Barry's leaves have found a perfect home. LOVE the book.

    Glad to hear that the babies are now getting fattened up.

  3. I will admit that I WAS intrigued by the title of your post! :) Those leaves are spectacular! Can't wait to see how you use them. So glad your children are well again - that virus sounds frightening! : ( Big hugs! Your books are so stunningly beautiful - they look like actual relics from years past. :) xoxo

  4. Luthien, you are the perfect recipient of Barry's beautiful leaves. I love the way you are displaying them. Your books are stunning - I must visit your Etsy shop.

  5. Congratulations on winning those gorgeous leaves! Sorry to hear the family has been sick - but good that everyone is well again.
    The journals are stunning!

  6. I was watching Return of the King last night...could watch these over and over!!Another Gorgeous book!!Glad to hear family is feeling better.Hugs,Cat

  7. Hi L - I did lol about you spitting tea into your keyboard - see what happens to cheeky pixies playing tricks on we mere mortals. The leaves do look comfortable amidst your crystal clusters - I love that we all have our little special collections. Glad you turn to your journals when you are out of jewellery ideas - I own one of them and it is a lovely creation - almost too good to use. Glad the family are mending and fattening. Create well. B

  8. Hey Luthien! I forget where I read it, but I did and it stuck with me...If you find yourself making the same art over and over, embrace it. Just keep doing the same thing. And notice the differences in the pieces. The differences in the artist you were and the one you're becoming.
    Of course that is my take on what I read.
    Anyway, you know I have to be you biggest fan!!!♥♥♥

  9. so sweet your comment...and yes, many of the pics of my girls transport my spirit too, as we lived very primitively for a long time, in another world. your work grips my soul too...i love what you create, and when i get some $ i'd love to purchase something from your amazing collection!!

  10. Hi Luthien, Congrats on your win! Barry's leaves are so beautiful and lightly delicate. I was fortunate to have a demo the other night - I wished I had my camera!!!! I love your books, the aged look brings so much to a piece. Happy to hear you little ones are all better. Kim

  11. It's so amazing to see how your work has progressed through the years ~ truly awe inspiring!


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Luthien :)