Jun 2, 2011

some things are worth it ...

another week has passed so quickly! i cannot believe how time goes into turbo when we're having fun :) well, fun includes sleeping only 4 hours a day and having a splitting headache after ... but it all comes in a package, and some things are just worth it!

i've been wanting to do a video on my stuff for some time now, but the prospect of "video editing" was a little daunting. well it turns out that if you put your mind to it ... it can be done :) and at the end of the day, it's not that hard afterall!

this is what i put together using Microsoft Photo Story 3

took me 3 days, in between dirty diapers, milky time and a chattering 6 year old! not to mention some amount of migraine becos i was staring at the screen for too long. this is the 2nd version, cos my expert hubby took a look at the earlier version and mentioned :

* your words should have some drop shadow ... it makes it easier for people to read them
* your transitions should be kept simple ... the more you put in, the messier and "cheaper" your video looks

and so i redid all of that ... ok, i think he's right. he should be since he's a film director! also, i spent MORE hours editing 2 pieces of music and sync-ing the change of shots to the timing of the music. and i do think it's more composed now. the one thing i don't like to watch is when a slideshow has no connection with it's background music at all. like the music was just plonked there so that there was some sound ... but the music timing and the video shots are all out of sync??!! perhaps it's becos i'm a dancer ... i like my moves to sync with my music :)

i think there's still room for improvement ... i do think it's too long. hubby mentioned that a slideshow should be like a movie trailer ... short, and leave the audience wanting more. he's right! i'll improve on that in the next one :) for now ... i am quite amused by this effort :) hehehe ...


  1. Well done Luthien. A beautiful video with lovely music. I love your work and am hoping I sell some stuff this exhibition season so I can afford to buy a piece.

  2. Well done Luthien! Loved the music, such a good choice for accompaniment. A wonderful first effort. I’d keep listening to the expert!

  3. You did a lovely job, Luthien. This gives me courage to try sometime. :) Loved seeing your beautiful work all together!

  4. You are definitely a woman of many talents, Luthien! Love it!

  5. L-great work - what a excellent way to promote what you do - just making the video forces one to think through what you are about. Fiona and I had a laugh when you made the offhand comment about your husband - yes good idea worth listening to. We had a bit of trouble with watching as we use Macs and it was not keen to let the video play smoothly because it was created with Microsoft. Continue to create stuff that is quirky, creative and stylish. B

  6. Well Luthian all I can say that your video is absolutely awsome especially when you view it on the large screen. I especially love the first piece of music with your artwork. Most of us viewing it are not film directors!!! It made me appreciate your creations just so much more. You are an artist in the true sense of the word. I would love to make one now where I can walk you through the country garden on our property.
    Just awesome girl!
    Big hugs for such a wonderful effort.

  7. I think, Luthien, that the slide show is incredible! You sure nailed the music to the movement. And every piece is cohesive...like one beautiful family! And I don't think it was too long...I still want to see more. Love♥

  8. You did a great job. It's always fun to do those videos and always a learning curve. Great way to showcase all your beautiful creations! Keep goin the way you are and that video will be an hour long showing all the beauties!


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