Jun 27, 2011

of fantasy voyages and seafarers

since i dug out my LOTR dvds i haven't been able to stop watching them. i think i must have gone thru them at least 3 times now in extended version. well, maybe i should tell you the truth .. i have this habit of just letting the dvds play on the laptop whilst i create. some people like music as company ... i like visuals and the sound of dialogue ... weird right? i can actually recite many excerpts of movie dialogues becos of this habit, sometimes i even secretly pretend i am one of the characters! humans think i am weird but my elven friends love me for that ^,^

what do you like as companion when you create? just curious ... is anyone out there like me?

this week, it was all about Earendil the Seafarer. Earendil was the father to Elros the first King of Men (in Middle Earth of course) and Elrond the last Elf to leave Middle Earth. yup, Elros and Elrond are brothers. only, one chose to be human (blessed with longevity) and the other chose to be elven ('cursed' with immortality). their father Earendil was a great seafarer and the first man to sail to Valinor to seek the help of the Valar to save Middle Earth from the first attacks of Sauron, who was called Morgoth at that time ... as you can see, i was rather absorbed by this story and thus, 2 elven-inspired-seafaring creations were born ...

first, a necklace called Star of Earendil

i admit my creations are not normally rich and ornately complicated like this, but this time, it fitted. i also tried combining copper and brass, which i don't normally do as well. and truly, it didn't feel "glaring?" in this case ... as i thought combining strong yellow and strong orange would be.

i wanted to give the piece an ornate compass feel so i inserted a "needle" thru the stone. this was handformed out of copper wire and i used epoxy clay as its arrowhead. this piece turned out rather huge, but would look great as a piece for cosplay or costumery.

i further explored the seafaring and ornate compass concept in a journal aptly named, Book of Earendil
as you can see ... the compass motif is here too, this time with a brass needle. i am really quite stoked with this compass thingy :)

i am also able to use the copper washers that Renate gifted me :) i've been dying to use them but have been afraid to try copper. now ... i think they look perfect here ^.^

whoot!!! i just LOVE what i do :) and i don't care if people think i'm weird :p


  1. They are both gorgeous, dear :)

    And yes, I also love to be accompanied by visuals and dialogues... somehow, music just doesn't cut it :P

  2. Lord of the Rings? Yes,-I should have known--your art jewelry is magical.
    (and currently, but not always, I'm obsessed with music while I'm in my art room)

  3. L- your post really cracked me up - I had to smile and chuckle so much as I read it. Yes I think we all have our own weird little creative backgrounds. Today I was making a new light-cather and of course I put mu iPod on shuffle top play ACDC - only 90 tracks so plenty of opportunity for background music. Robyn at Artpropelled cited an Andy Warhol quote that I think aptly applies to both of us: Don't think about making art , just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it is good or bad whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding make even more art. Go well and create what moves you. B

  4. You have totally outdone yourself with this piece. It is unbelievably creative and gorgeous. You are a master at your art.

  5. Hey weirdo!

    Lol - of course we don't think you're weird - you are just delightfully eccentric!!

    Wonderful pieces as always.

  6. Beautiful!! I love anything to do with the sea... and then to combine it with LOTR?!?!?!


  7. Both pieces are stunning! Don't question the "background" noise if what you churn out looks so beautiful. I always have noise ~ whether it be TV or music. Anytime you combine copper, steel, brass I think it's always wonderful~ they always seem to compliment each other so nicely.

  8. It is quite obvious you have found the right inspiration for you Luthien. I used to play music, an eclectic mix of stuff from classical to ethnic. Now I just like the silence, and the sound of my brain making decisions, decisions, decisions, as I go.

  9. Oh this is lovely and so enchanting. I love all your books and jewelery

  10. Two absolutely stunning pieces! I love the combination of brass and copper. The compass motive is perfect. BTW, you should try more copper - it takes a patina so well, giving you so many possibilities...

  11. You are one kick-butt artist!!Love your work..ALWAYS!!hugs,Cat

  12. I love your sense of fun Luthien and your inspirations definitely come through in your work and it makes it uniquely you, don't change for anything! Your creations are out of this world... Oh, I like to listen to audio teachings on philosophy of great masters, this soooo inspires me!

  13. LOTR is such amazing inspiration! You are not weird at all, friend! Look at the beauty it brings out of you. Your work is just stunning - and these pieces are NO exception. Just fabulous!!! :)

  14. Your work BLOWS MY MIND! How incredible POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Nothing weird here, only gorgeous, stunning, magnificent work that really leaves me speechless. ....

    My Razorback hat is off to you!


  16. This is gorgeous!!! I;ve been away from blogland lately and decided to do some back reading today...so glad I saw this...its just so stunning!

  17. Evelin :)
    HAH!! we're same same :) whoot!

    Diane :)
    thank you :) music ... i do love celtic music sometimes ...

    Barry :)
    hehehe ... i'm glad you liked the post :) yup ... i saw that too on tumblr, and i really liked what Mr Warhol said. very very cool!

    AFTH :)
    thank you very much! :)

    Lisa :)
    from one weirdo to another ... i think we're gonna rule the world!;)

    Bobbie :)
    thank you! Glad i am not alone in this one ;)

    SZQ :)
    yes! as i am discovering ... tho i am still an infant to mixed metal, but it is gorgeous!

    JO :)
    obviously the phrase "silence is golden" aptly applies to your artmaking process ... you are making some really stunning art!

    Janine :)
    thank you very much! i dun always have the inspiration to do books ... they really max me out sometimes! but very satisfying when it's done :)

    Renate :)
    yes yes yes! and guess who gave me that nudge to try copper ;)

    Laura :)
    thank you :)

    Cat :)
    hahaha!! thank you!! LOVE "kick-butt"!!

    Kim S :)
    thank you very much! oooo!! it is no wonder your pieces are filled with depth and a sense of calmness ... now i can see it comes from!

    Peggy :)
    Awww... thank you my fren!

    Theresa :)
    thank you ... i think we come from similar realms!

    Robin :)
    thank you soooo much! and thank you for the visit! :)

    Kim :)
    hahaha!! thank you very much my fren :)

    Penny :)
    glad to see you back :) and thank you so much for the sweet comment! hope you and your family are doing better now ...

  18. ╬Łothing weird about how you work. I like listening or watching people painting while im painting. I have the lord of the rings audio book in my mp3 player and im listening to it when i travel. I also watch the movies when im a bit depressed and i read the books every christmas:) Your work is amazing, its magical.

  19. I'm not sure I can come up with the exact adjectives I'm looking for to describe how perfectly INCREDIBLE I think this piece is. It's just....fantastical and intriquing and....well, I like it a lot!!! :) And yes, I'm like that, too--I love to put on "Casablanca" when I'm making something...I don't really watch it, but I know every single line and it's one of my favorites. It puts me in a happy kind of mood for creating. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Scarlett

  20. LOTR is big in this house too, my daughter is totally mad on it along with Harry Potter and a number of other magical, fantasy books, films and even writing her own stories too,

    I love your compass/seafaring creations they are totally amazing as usual!!

    You are definitely not weird I usually have a dvd playing while in my workshop from chick flicks through to music dvds or even musical movies, so add singing to my creations while I work too! Ha ha!!

    E xx


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